Which is the best petrol mileage car?

Which is the best petrol mileage car?

10 most fuel-efficient petrol cars in India in 2021

  • Maruti Suzuki S-Presso 21.7kpl.
  • Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0 21.79kpl.
  • Datsun Redigo AMT 22kpl.
  • Renault Kwid 1.0 AMT 22kpl.
  • Maruti Suzuki Alto 22.05kpl.
  • Maruti Swift AMT 23.76kpl.
  • Toyota Glanza/Maruti Suzuki Baleno 23.87kpl.
  • Maruti Suzuki Dzire AMT 24.12kpl.

What car has lowest mileage?

Last year, the “base” Bugatti Chiron tied for the absolute worst fuel economy of all 2020 vehicles with just 11 miles per gallon.

Which luxury car has best mileage?

LSA Splurge Smart: 7 most fuel-efficient luxury cars in India right now

  • Volvo XC90. The biggest of the lot from the Swedish motoring house, Volvo is the XC90 which also happens to be one of their most fuel-efficient models.
  • BMW 7 Series.
  • BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine.
  • Lexus RX.
  • Land Rover Discovery.
  • Audi A4.
  • Mini Cooper 3-Door.

Which fuel type car is best?

While petrol cars give good initial power, diesel cars provide higher performance in higher gears. On the other hand, diesel cars provide a higher fuel efficiency in comparison with petrol cars. This means that if you have to drive short distances within the city, a petrol car would make much more sense.

What is a good car brand?

What are the Most Reliable Car Brands for 2021?

  • Mazda: Mazda bested Lexus and Toyota in Consumer Reports’ reliability rankings for the second year in a row.
  • Genesis:
  • Buick:
  • Lexus:
  • Porsche:
  • Toyota:
  • Honda:
  • BMW:

What car has the best mileage?

New York.

  • Michigan resident Hugh Pennington started a new career delivering camping trailers across America.
  • 1990 Honda Accord Owned by Joe LoCicero. Another vehicle reaching the million-mile threshold is Joe LoCicero’s 1990 light blue Honda Accord.
  • What luxury car has the best gas mileage?

    Top 10 Best Gas Mileage Luxury Cars 2019 Audi A3 – 35 MPG 2019 Acura ILX – 35 MPG 2019 Volvo S60 – 36 MPG 2019 BMW 540d – 36 MPG 2019 BMW 330 – 36 MPG 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 – 37 MPG 2019 Audi A4 – 37 MPG 2019 Jaguar XF – 42 MPG 2019 Jaguar XE – 42 MPG 2019 Tesla Model S – 105 MPGe

    What are some cars with good mileage?

    Tesla: 118 mpg (mpg-e)

  • Honda (includes Acura and Honda): 28.9 mpg
  • Hyundai (includes Genesis and Hyundai): 28.5 mpg
  • Subaru: 28.4 mpg
  • Kia: 28.1 mpg
  • Mazda: 27.8 mpg
  • Nissan (includes Infiniti and Nissan): 27.0 mpg
  • Mini and Rolls-Royce): 26.2 mpg
  • Porsche and Volkswagen): 26.1 mpg