Where is the Wayuu tribe located?

Where is the Wayuu tribe located?

The Wayuu (also Wayu, Wayúu, Guajiro, Wahiro) are an Amerindian ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula in northernmost part of Colombia and northwest Venezuela.

What language do the Wayuu speak?

Wayuu (Wayuu: Wayuunaiki [waˈjuːnaiki]), or Guajiro, is a major Arawakan language spoken by 305,000 indigenous Wayuu people in northwestern Venezuela and northeastern Colombia on the Guajira Peninsula. The two main dialects are Wüinpümüin and Wopumüin spoken in the northeast and southwest of the peninsula respectively.

Who are the Wayuu tribe?

Who are the Wayuu? The Wayúu are a traditional, historical, indegenous community who are known as the people of the sun , sand and wind, They live in the La Guajira peninsula, a desert area in the northeast of Colombia. This tribe has battled with Spanish, Government and mother nature to keep their traditions alive.

What do Wayuu men do?

While the Wayuu women are absorbed in their Mochila making, the men typically provide the food for the communities from fishing and grazing goats, sheep and cows. However, some artisan men focus on making easier crochet objects such as coin purses.

Who are guajiros?

American Spanish (Cuba), literally, peasant woman.

What do Wayuu people wear?

The Wayuu women wear a loose dress and sandals with woolen tassels, according to social rank. They weave the traditional and colorful Wayuu bags. In the sparsely populated Amazon region, a number of indigenous groups have their own ways of life and of dress. Many groups exist semi-nude.

How do you say hello in Wayuu?

The Wayuu are the largest indigenous ethnic group of both Venezuela and Colombia. Jamaya is used to say hello. Ajaa means goodbye. You may also say “wanee soou ka’i” when parting.

What do Wayuu men wear?

Male attire consists of a colorful shirt and linen trousers (or a white shirt and trousers), a woven bag draped over one shoulder, and a sombrero or other headdress. Women use a light top and skirt, and a sombrero as well. This region is a home to several indigenous groups. For example, Wayuu people live here.

Where is the La Guajira desert?

The La Guajira Desert (Wayuu: Woumainkat Wajiira) is a desert located in northern Colombia and Venezuela, approximately 1,100 km (680 mi) north of Bogotá, covering most of the La Guajira Peninsula at the northernmost tip of South America.

What houses do the Wayuu live in?

They live predominately in huts called rancherías made from cactus or palm-leaf-thatched roofs, yotojoro (mud, hay or dried cane) walls with basic furniture which includes hammocks for sleeping and a small fire pit for cooking.

What do the Wayuu eat?

The Wayuu Eat Mostly Pescatarian Diets With Occasional Goat. Any place you go to will involve some new food you have to try. Eating what others eat can help one to understand how someone else lives. You also might find something you like too!

How do I get to Guajira Colombia?

From Bogotá You can fly directly to Riohacha, which is the capital of the Guajira Department. But Riohacha’s small Almirante Padilla Airport (RCH) has flights available from Bogotá’s El Dorado Airport (BOG) via Viva Air and Avianca Airlines. Nonstop flights take one hour and 40 minutes.

¿Qué sucede en la Guajira?

Se conoce además que en La Guajira no hay tribunales, ni jueces, ni cárceles, solo la Ley Guajira. Todo sucede de forma oral, especialmente en términos de compra, intercambio, trabajo personal en qué y cómo ser Wayuu no existe en términos de responsabilidad civil o penal, solo se entiende que hay un equilibrio.

¿Qué es la península de la Guajira?

La Península de la Guajira se encuentra entre el extremo noreste de Colombia y el extremo noroeste de Venezuela. Tiene un área de casi 25,000 km², que se extiende desde la bahía de Manaure, hasta el Mar Caribe, hasta la entrada de El Calabozo en el Golfo de Venezuela.

¿Quién es el chamán de la Guajira?

Tiene un Piache o un Chamán que se distingue por su conocimiento sobre el mundo de Maleiwa, Pulowi y Juya, Dioses este pueblo. Pasan de generación en generación sus conocimientos, valores, tradiciones y costumbres y su forma de vida. Se conoce además que en La Guajira no hay tribunales, ni jueces, ni cárceles, solo la Ley Guajira.

¿Cuál es la vestimenta tradicional de las mujeres?

La vestimenta tradicional de las mujeres consta por lo general de enaguas o falda amplia y sencilla, medias altas (en Chihuahua), blusa de manta y pañoleta de colores en la cabeza.