Where is the secret exit in World 2 Ghost House?

Where is the secret exit in World 2 Ghost House?

Secret Exit to World 2-B A little way beyond the second Star Coin you will see two pillars. On the left side of the pit, there is a hidden block containing a beanstalk. Climb up to find the secret exit.

Does Forest Ghost House have 2 exits?

The secret exit is rather straightforward. Once on top of the corridor, get past the first door that leads to the normal exit. Near the end (obscured by the Big Boo on the map) there’s a second door which leads to the secret exit.

Does vanilla Ghost House have two exits?

The Vanilla Ghost House is a ghost house found in the Vanilla Dome world of Super Mario World. It can be accessed by completing Vanilla Dome 2 through the Giant Gate. Unlike most Ghost Houses, the Vanilla Ghost House does not have a secret exit. It shares this trait with the Choco-Ghost House.

How do you get to the secret ghost house?

Donut Secret House is a secret Ghost House in the game Super Mario World. It can be accessed by completing the secret exit of Donut Secret 1. This level also has a secret exit. This level is the home of the Big Boo, the boss who protects the Star Road.

How do you get the secret donut in Ghost House?

Donut Ghost House: Make sure you have a cape. Get a running start then fly up and to the left through an opening. Run to the right and you`ll get four extra lives and discover a secret passage.

How do you unlock World 2 B in nsmb2?

A Red Ring can be found on several orange platforms that follow, which causes eight Red Coins to parachute down along with Para-bombs. Three more cannons come after that, followed by the Goal Pole. Completing this level unlocks World 2-Castle, skipping World 2-4 and World 2-5.

How do you unlock Forest of Illusion 4?

You will find yourself walking along the roof of the first segment. Keep going to the left and go through the first door you find. Go through the gate and you will unlock Forest of Illusion 4.

How do you get to Vanilla Secret 2?

Vanilla Secret 2 is a level in Super Mario World. The level is accessed by taking the secret path in Vanilla Dome that leads to the mountaintop. Although it takes place in the sky, it is more of a flat ground level.

How do you get past the ghost in Vanilla Dome House?

While avoiding Boos, continue carrying it into you see an outline of coins in the shape of a door. Still carrying the P-Switch, jump up to collect all of the coins. Drop the P-Switch and jump on it. You should now be able to enter the door.