Where is Ayyappa Swamy temple in Kerala?

Where is Ayyappa Swamy temple in Kerala?

Pathanamthitta district
The Sabarimala Temple (Malayalam: ശബരിമല) is a temple complex located at Sabarimala hill inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve in the Perinad Village, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala, India. It is one of the largest annual pilgrimage sites in the world with an estimate of over 40 to 50 million devotees visiting every year.

Which day it is the Sabarimala temple in Kerala dedicated to?

The pilgrimage begins on the first day of Malayalam month Vrischika and concludes on the 11th day of Dhanu month. It also marks the completion of the 41-day-long vratham. This ritual is referred to as Mandala Kala.

When was Ayyappa temple built?

It was in the 12th century that Manikandan, a prince of Pandalam dynasty that held sway in the region, meditated at Sabarimala. He became one with the Lord and was believed to be an avatar of Ayyappan. This is one of the five main temples dedicated to Ayyappan, which hare regarded special for different reasons.

Is Sabarimala open now?

As per the official website sabarimala.kerala.gov.in, It is open for worship only during Mandalapooja, Makaravilakku, Vishu and during the first day of every Malayalam month. Therefore, the people want to Book their Queue (Q) using the portal.

How many Lord Ayyappa temples are there?

Malamakkavu Ayyappa Temple is dedicated to Lord Ayyappan and one of the 108 Ayyappan temples in Kerala.

Which Taluk is Sabarimala?

Sabarimala is a hill situated in Perinad village, Ranni Taluk, Pathanamthitta district in Kerala State.

Why Ayyappa is a Brahmachari?

Hinduism believes that Lord Ayyappa chose to be a Naistika Brahmacharya, which implies that he wishes to be celibate and withdrawn from civilisation. While that may stand true, people are quick to place the responsibility of the maintenance of this celibacy on women.

Is ayyappa real God?

Ayyappa is also known as the Hindu god of self-control. Ayyapa is considered to be the union of Mohini (Vishnu) and Shiva. Although the worship of Ayyappa was more widespread earlier,his worship is now mainly confined to South India….Ayyappan.

Ayyappan , Dharma shasta
Parents Shiva (father) Vishnu (in Mohini avatar) (mother)

Who is Ayyappa?

Lord Ayyappa was the son of Vishnu & ShivaLord Ayyappa is a very popular Hindu deity, which is mainly worshipped in South India. He is also spelt as Ayyappa. It is believed that he was born out of the union between Lord Shiva and the mythical Mohini, who is also regarded as an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Does Ayyappa have wife?

Ayyappan temples typically show him as a celibate yogi. A few important temples such as the one at Achankovil Sree Dharmasastha Temple near Travancore, however, depict him as a married man with two wives Poorna and Pushkala, as well as a son Satyaka.

How old is Lord Ayyappa?

Sajeev, who is 47 now, maintains the 41-day vratham and visits the temple every year during the pilgrimage season, his father having first taken him at the age of five or six. “We are only a 30,000 population. But there are more than 100 temples of this community. The majority are Ayyappa temples.

Is there a Sri Ayyappa swami temple in Chicago?

Sri Ayyappa Swami Temple is a Hindu temple established in the tradition of Sabarimala Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple in Kerala. We are a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit religious organization, and an Ayyappa Seva Sangham of Greater Chicago business entity.

Who are the consorts of Lord Ayyappa in Kerala?

Ayyappa is worshipped in many forms in different temples, worshipped as a child at Kulathupuzha, worshipped with his consorts Pushpaka and Poorna in Achankovil and meditating form in sabarimala. Ayyappa was born with composite energy of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu, when Lord Vishnu was taken over mohini form.

Where is Lord Ayyappan’s Temple in Kerala?

Lord Ayyappan’s temple is situated here in the midst of 18 hills. The area is in the Sahyadri ranges of Kerala. The temple is situated on a hilltop at an altitude of 914m/3000 ft above mean sea level, and is surrounded by mountains and dense forests.

Which is the best form of worship of Ayyappa?

Ayyappa is also knows as Dharmasasta, Manikandan, Bhutanathan, Pandala Raja, and Pamba Vaasan. Ayyappa is worshipped in many forms in different temples, worshipped as a child at Kulathupuzha, worshipped with his consorts Pushpaka and Poorna in Achankovil and meditating form in sabarimala.