Where do I get the ferry to Bruny Island?

Where do I get the ferry to Bruny Island?

Ferry Service from Kettering to Roberts Point, Tasmania Travel with SeaLink to Bruny Island. Our efficient ferry services offers in excess of 20 departures to the island per day during summer and is a 15-20 minute ferry crossing.

Can you take your car on the Bruny Island Ferry?

Passengers in all vehicles and pedestrians travel free of charge. Please note online pre-purchased tickets will only be available for vehicles less than 6 metres with a standard fare driver. …

How often does the ferry run to Bruny Island?

every day
The Bruny Island Ferry service runs every day of the year. See the timetable on the SeaLink website. The trip across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Can you visit Bruny Island without a tour group?

Just 30 minutes drive southeast of Hobart, the fact that Bruny Island can only be reached by car ferry (or on a tour) makes it less frequently visited than a lot of other parts of Tasmania.

How many days do you need in Bruny Island?

We recommend that you spend at least 2-3 days and if you can a week will give you time to unwind and appreciate how special Bruny Island really is.

Is Bruny Island worth going to?

It is a very scenic drive to get here, taking approximately 45 minutes from The Neck. As you approach Cape Bruny, you really start to feel like you are out on your own. Windswept coastlines, wild birds, rolling hills, and wide beaches… this is a beautiful spot that is definitely worth visiting.

Should I stay overnight at Bruny Island?

It’s just 45 minutes from Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart. That makes Bruny Island the ideal Hobart day trip, either as part of a tour or on your own. But if you really want to experience Bruny, I’d recommend staying for a night (or even longer). Whether a tour or self-drive is the best way to see Bruny Island.

How long should you spend on Bruny Island?

2-3 days
We recommend that you spend at least 2-3 days and if you can a week will give you time to unwind and appreciate how special Bruny Island really is.

Is it worth staying overnight on Bruny Island?

While many visitors do a Bruny Island day trip, it’s definitely worth staying overnight. The last ferry of the day leaves around 7 pm, so the island really quiets down in the evening.

How many days should you spend on Bruny Island?

When is the ferry from Westport to Puget Island?

Ferry Schedule – Schedule The ferry departs every day from Puget Island, WA on the hour, every hour, between 5 am -10 pm. It departs from Westport, Oregon on the quarter past hour from 5:15 am – 10:15 pm. The average trip across the river is 12 min.

Where is the island of Bruny in Tasmania?

Bruny Island is long and thin, running north to south down the coast of the area south of Hobart and forming the d’Entrecasteaux Channel between itself and the Tasmanian mainland.

How much does it cost to take ferry to Sealink Bruny Island?

If the Concession/Pension Card is not presented at check-in by the driver, full fares apply. Prices valid from 1 November 2018. The fare includes the return trip.

Which is the best way to get to Bruny Island?

When you get off the Ferry, take the B66 Bruny Island Main Road south and cross the narrow neck of land dividing the northern and southern sections of the Island. Make sure to take one of the walks up the sand dune lookouts on the Neck. This is an iconic view of Tassie and is a must-see on Bruny.