When did the song 3am come out?

When did the song 3am come out?


What does the name Matchbox 20 mean?

Originally named “Matchbox 20” they now go by “Matchbox Twenty,” the band took its name from a softball jersey with a “20” on it and a patch that had “Matchbox” written on it.

Who sang the song 3am?

Matchbox Twenty

What album is 3am on?


Who sings it’s 3am I must be lonely?

What genre is Third Eye Blind?

Third Eye Blind/Genres

Is Matchbox 20 back together?

We got back together and that tour in 2017 turned out to legitimately be the most fun we’ve probably ever had. We got along better than we ever had, so it was a blessing.

What was Matchbox 20’s biggest hit?

# 1 – Bent The number one song on our Top 10 Matchbox 20 songs, was number two on the Billboard charts in July 2000. “Bent,” was the first single released from their Mad Season album, which is multi-platinum. It is a killer rock ballad and is their biggest hit.

What type of music is Matchbox 20?

Matchbox Twenty/Genres

Why did Rob Thomas write the song 3am?

As talented as Rob Thomas may be, he originally penned “3AM” when he was but a pubescent lad. Also it is extremely-personal in nature. Indeed the period of his life it is based on is when his mother was battling cancer. And he, even as a child, was compelled to take care of her.

What’s the meaning of the song 3am by Matchbox Twenty?

But also she appears to be expressing a belief that she would defeat the sickness, which for the record she actually did. Meanwhile, further contributing to the overall mystique of the lyrics, the title of this track refers to the time around which drinking bars close up for the night.

Who are the writers of the song 3am?

“3AM” was written by Rob Thomas along with B. Yale, J. L. Goff and J.J. Stanley. This transpired when the quartet were all part of a band called Tabitha’s Secret.

Who was the original singer of 3 am?

The band played in the Orlando area from 1993 until 1995, when Rob Thomas, Brian Yale and Paul Doucette signed a record deal and left to form Matchbox 20. The original Tabitha’s Secret version of “3 AM” that helped get the band signed is acoustic; it sounds a lot like Matchbox Twenty and features Rob Thomas on vocals.