When did Sheamus debut in ECW?

When did Sheamus debut in ECW?

June 2009
In June 2009, Sheamus first graced the WWE Universe with his presence when he arrived on the ECW brand. Less than six months later, he was headlining pay-per-views against John Cena as WWE champion. Sheamus is among an elite few that have captured a world championship within months of their debut.

When did Raven debut in ECW?

Extreme Championship Wrestling (1995–1997) On January 7, 1995, now bulked-up to approximately 230 lbs (104 kg), Levy debuted in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) under the name Raven (a reference to the poem by Edgar Allan Poe).

What happened to Sandman from ECW?

After leaving WCW in late 1999, Fullington, as The Sandman, returned to ECW at Re-enter the Sandman in October 1999. He remained with the company until its demise in January 2001. He began a feud with Rhino in 2000, losing to him at Hardcore Heaven, Heat Wave, and other shows.

Is WWE Sheamus actually Irish?

Stephen Farrelly (born 28 January 1978) is an Irish professional wrestler and actor. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Sheamus.

What is Tommy Dreamer finisher?

Tommy Dreamer and his many finishers are synonymous with ECW. From his piledriver to his DDT, he has used common moves as finishers to devastating effect. He has also seen great success with his Dreamer Driver. However, his most interesting finisher is his inverted crucifix cutter.

Is Sandman alive?

The Sandman is one of the villains recruited to recover the Identity Disc, but during its recovery seemingly he is killed in a mutiny. At the series’ end, the Sandman is found alive and working with the Vulture to manipulate the other villains.

When did Sheamus make his debut in ECW?

On the June 30, 2009 episode of ECW, Farrelly made his unannounced debut as a villain under the shortened ring name of Sheamus, quickly defeating a local competitor. Sheamus soon entered into a critically well-received rivalry with Goldust after defeating him on July 29.

Who was Sandman feuding with in ECW?

At the ECW premier PPV Barely Legal, Sandman wrestled a three-way dance with Terry Funk and Stevie Richards, for a shot at the ECW title later that night, but fell short of the title. Later in the year, Sandman feuded with Sabu.

Who is the Sandman in Extreme Championship Wrestling?

James (“Jim”) Fullington (June 16, 1963) better known by his ring name The Sandman, is a semi-retired American professional wrestler, best known for his career with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), where he developed into a “Hardcore Icon” and became a five-time Champion.

How many times has Sheamus been a world champion?

Prior to joining WWE, Farrelly was also a two-time International Heavyweight Champion during his tenure in Irish Whip Wrestling. He is a four-time World Champion, having held the WWE Championship on three occasions, World Heavyweight Championship once and WWE Raw Tag Team Championship four times.