What was the sixth five year plan?

What was the sixth five year plan?

Sixth Five Year Plan (1980 – 1985) The Sixth Five Year Plan India was undertaken for the period between 1980 to 1985, with the main aim of attaining objectives like speedy industrialization, rise in the employment level, poverty reduction, and acquisition of technological self-reliance.

What is the seventh five year plan of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh launched its 7th Five Year Plan (FYP) 2016–2020 in October 2015. The 7th FYP aims to develop strategies, policies and institutions that will allow Bangladesh to further accelerate job creation and reduce poverty as well as comply with new commitments to meet Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets.

WHO launched Sixth Five Year Plan?

Sixth Five Year Plan: I. Its duration was from 1980 to 1985, under the leadership of Indira Gandhi. II. The basic objective of this plan was economic liberalization by eradicating poverty and achieving technological self-reliance.

What was the main aim of 7th Five Year Plan?

Seventh Plan (1985–1990) The main objectives of the Seventh Five-Year Plan were to establish growth in areas of increasing economic productivity, production of food grains, and generating employment through “Social Justice”.

When was the sixth five year plan made?

Sixth Five-Year Plan (1983–88)

How many five year plans were there?

In all, there were thirteen Soviet five-year plans. The first ran from the autumn of 1928 to 1933; at that time the accounting year began in October with the end of the harvest. The third plan (1938-1942) was interrupted in mid-1941 by World War II. Five-year planning began again with the fourth (1946-1960).

Which program started the eighth Five-Year Plan?

The Government announced the new Industrial Policy whereby it delicensed most industries, reduced import tariffs, opened door for foreign direct investment, introduced a market determined exchange rate system. The Eighth plan started in April 1992. One of the major highlight was modernization of the industries.

What is Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100?

The Government of Bangladesh has formulated a comprehensive development plan – the Bangladesh Delta Plan (BDP 2100), focusing on economic growth, environmental conservation, and enhanced climate resilience. The plan lays out holistic and cross-sectoral action needed to improve productivity and minimize disaster risks.

Who was the prime minister during 6th Five Year Plan?

Smt. Indira Gandhi
At the first meeting of the reconstituted Planning Commission, held in April 1980 under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi, it was decided that there should be no Plan holiday and that the Sixth Five-Year Plan should cover the period 1980—85.

Which program started the eighth five year plan?

Who prepared the first Five Year Plan 1955 1960 in Pakistan?

Inspired by the Five-Year Plans of Soviet Union, the programme was visioned and proposed by the Finance Minister Malick Ghoulam to Prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan who initially backed the programme, in 1948.