What was Michelle McCool finisher?

What was Michelle McCool finisher?

The Styles Clash in action. The Belly-To-Back Inverted Mat Slam—known as the “Styles Clash” when used by AJ Styles and the “Faith Breaker” when used by Michelle McCool—is one of pro wrestling’s most unusual and successful finishing moves.

What did AJ styles say about Michelle McCool?

During the scathing promo, Styles said he sees The Undertaker as “an old man named Mark Calaway” and he described McCool – Taker’s wife – as “the most conniving person I have ever met in my entire life”.

What is the finisher of AJ Styles?

Also known as a springboard 450 splash, Styles launches himself off the top ropes and flips forward 450 degrees and lands on the opponent in the splash position (face down or belly to belly with face up opponent). The athleticism and high flying talent of Styles makes this a literal air show to watch.

How old is wrestler Michelle McCool?

41 years (January 25, 1980)
Michelle McCool/Age

Michelle Leigh Calaway (née McCool; born January 25, 1980) is an American retired professional wrestler. She is best known for her time with WWE, where she is a former two-time WWE Divas Champion and a two-time WWE Women’s Champion.

Why did LayCool break up?

LayCool (sometimes stylized Lay-Cool) was a women’s professional wrestling tag team consisting of Layla El and Michelle McCool. In May 2011, after nearly two years together, the team disbanded following several disagreements, at which point Layla defeated McCool in a Loser Leaves WWE match.

Who is married to AJ Styles?

Wendy Jonesm. 2000
AJ Styles/Spouse

What is Roman Reigns signature move?

“Superman Punch”, the signature move of ‘The Big Dog’ Roman Reigns, reminds us of the superhero Superman. The name of the signature move very much suits the way Roman Reigns hits his right hand on the opponent, executing the jaw dropping move.

What is Seth Rollins signature move?

10 of 10. Ever since Seth Rollins aligned with Triple H, he has been using the Pedigree as a finisher. Once things with The Authority were behind him, The Kingslayer debuted a new move in a match with Karl Anderson. It’s basically a jumping knee to the face.

Is Michelle McCool still married to The Undertaker?

Michelle McCool and The Undertaker eventually were married Michelle McCool and The Undertaker were married on June 26, 2010 after being together for a while. McCool stayed with WWE for around a year after her wedding with The Undertaker. Her final singles match in WWE was at Extreme Rules 2011 against Layla.

Is Michelle McCool still married to the undertaker?