What vehicles have a Dana 44 rear end?

What vehicles have a Dana 44 rear end?

Rear Axle

  • 1948-1975 CJ.
  • 2003–2014 Wrangler Rubicon.
  • 2006–2010 Grand Cherokee SRT8.
  • 2004–2006 Wrangler “LJ” Unlimited.
  • 1997–2006 Wrangler (optional: available starting 7 July 1997)
  • 2007–2015 Wrangler (optional on 2007, standard ’08-present)
  • 1987–1990 XJ (tow package)
  • 1987–1992 MJ (Big-Ton/Burly Package/Metric ton)

How wide is a Wagoneer Dana 44?

Long Jeep Fan My 78 narrow track waggy front dana 44 was narrowed by 3.5″ and is now right around 56-56.5 inches wide which would put the stock width at 59.5-60″ I could go home and measure it for sure if you want.

How wide are Jeep Wagoneer axles?

Re: Widest Width of Rear Axle and Tire Combo – Wagoneer Stock rear axle is actually 57.5″ WMS for a wagoneer. Front is just shy of 60″.

How wide is a Dana 44?

around 69″ WMS to WMS.

How long is a Dana 44 axle?

Predator Axles Front Axle Shafts

Part Number Length From Center of U-Joint Differential Model
38805QG 15.82″ Dana 30
38809QG 18.31″ Dana 44
38810QG 27.94″ Dana 44
38815QG 9.94″ D44 & GM 8.5″

How wide are Jeep axles?

TJ Expert. A full size truck is about 80″ wide. A full size axle is about 70″ wide.

What kind of wheel pattern does a Dana 44 have?

The Dana 44 was the light weight model for the Willys Pickup and FC trucks. All these Dana 44s use a 5 on 5.5″ wheel bolt pattern. The Dana 44 was standard in Wagoneers, full size Cherokees, and J series pickups.

What kind of axle does a Jeep Wagoneer use?

The early Wagoneer and Cherokees used Dana 30 and Dana 27 front ends. The Dana 44 used in the ’72-’73 Jeepster Commandos with the one piece shafts is an excellent low buck swap from ’76-’86 CJs. It bolts right on, has 30 spline one piece shafts, and is narrow track width.

What’s the are & P ratio on a Dana 44?

The Dana 44s with the two piece shafts are 19 spline or 27 spline and the versions wih the once piece shafts are 30 spline. The R&P ratio ranges supported by the carriers are 2.87-3.73 and 3.92-5.89. Not all ratios are available for all the variations of the Dana 44.