What type of dragon is born in 1988?

What type of dragon is born in 1988?

Years and the Five Elements

Start date End date Heavenly branch
13 February 1964 1 February 1965 Wood Dragon
31 January 1976 17 February 1977 Fire Dragon
17 February 1988 5 February 1989 Earth Dragon
5 February 2000 23 January 2001 Metal Dragon

What year is 1988 in Chinese astrology?

Enter the dragon The dragon (龙 lóng) years of the last century were 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012. The next Year of the Dragon will be 2024.

What is a fire Rabbit in the Chinese horoscope?

Year of the Rabbit Personality: Quiet, Elegant…

Element Characteristics
Fire Rabbit Broad-minded, smart, and flexible, with unique views
Earth Rabbit Frank, straightforward, ambitious, hard-working, but slightly reserved
Gold Rabbit Kind-hearted, conservative,lively and enthusiastic

Is 2021 a good year for the dragon?

Overall Luck: According to Dragon fortune in 2021, their career and wealth will be auspicious. They can do well in their work fields and have more chances to get promotion and increase salary. 2021 is not a good year for them to establish a love relationship with others and get married.

Is Rabbit lucky in 2021?

The Rabbits will have a good relationship luck in 2021. The family life is particularly harmonious and good. The love relationship fortune of those born in 1950 in 2021 is very good. This year, they rarely have conflicts with their spouses, and their relationship with children is also very harmonious.

What was the horoscope for the Chinese zodiac Dragon in 1988?

The overall horoscope for people with Chinese zodiac Dragon born in 1988 is good in the year of the Pig, showing an upward trend. The career fortune is very good for the Earth Dragon. For those who are looking for a job, many companies will give an offer to them, which requires them to make a careful decision.

Which is the year of the ox in the Chinese zodiac?

2021 will be a year of the Ox, starting from February 12th and ending on January 31st, 2022. This is a Metal Ox year. 2020 is a year of the Rat. What Is the Chinese Zodiac? The Chinese zodiac, or shengxiao (/shnng-sshyao/ ‘born resembling’), is a repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year being represented by an animal and its reputed attributes.

When was the Earth Dragon born in 1988?

In Gregorian calendar, the Earth Dragon are born from February 17, 1988 to February 5, 1989; those who born from January 1 to February 16 in 1988 are Fire Rabbit. Lucky Signs for 1988 Earth Dragon Lucky Numbers: 4, 9