What toys can I give my rat?

What toys can I give my rat?

Here are some store-bought toy ideas you may want to add to your rat’s cage.

  • 1. Rat Tunnels.
  • Exercise Wheels.
  • 3. Rat Hammocks.
  • Rawhide or Apple Stick Chews.
  • Toilet Roll Chew Box.
  • DIY Tunnel.
  • DIY Foraging Center.
  • Hanging Chew Toy.

How do you make a homemade rat toy?

Cut an empty toilet roll into thin circles, and slide them through each other to create a ball. Place a treat inside and let your rats try to take it out. Alternatively, simply fold the ends of an empty toilet roll in with a treat inside. They’ll have to chew through the roll to get to the treat.

What do pet rats like the most?

Chop rat-friendly veggies and fruits into small and manageable pieces and offer them to your pet. Suitable options include melons, broccoli, peas, pears, bananas, apples, carrots and peaches.

What do rats do for fun?

Climbing and Exploring Rats are curious little creatures, and they love to explore — especially climbing and tunneling. Give you rat furniture-like boxes and tubes that he can climb on and through for fun, and choose a cage with bars instead of a smooth surface — he may enjoy climbing them.

Is newspaper OK for rats?

Shredded Paper It’s also a good way to recycle junk mail, phone books and used copy paper. Newspaper is also suitable for rats with dark fur, but the ink may discolor light-colored rats. Avoid glossy paper since it is not absorbent.

What food does rats love the most?

Fruit and berries ā€” Out of all the foods rodents consume, their top two loves are generally fruits and berries. In the wild, rats and mice consume these foods at every opportunity. Therefore, raspberry and blackberry bushes ā€” as well as apple and pear trees ā€” can serve as magnets for the animals.

What are some good rat toys?

Tunnels. Rats have natural instincts to make and use tunnels.

  • Exercise Wheels. Exercise wheels provide an excellent way for a rat to exercise.
  • and cement bird perches provide numerous climbing activities for your pet rat.
  • Chewing Toys. Pet rats need toys they can chew.
  • Push and carry toys.
  • What toys do rats like to play with?

    Safety First. The most important thing when choosing any pet toy is that it is safe.

  • Cardboard. Cardboard boxes and rolls from paper towels and toilet paper make good toys.
  • Paper. Most rats love shredding paper.
  • Wood and Nuts.
  • Digging Box.
  • Tubes and Tunnels.
  • Other Containers for Hiding and Climbing.
  • Ropes.
  • What are the best chew toys for rats?

    Good chew toys for rats and mice include rawhide chews, Nylabones, Gumabones, wood (be sure it is safe, with no preservatives), and cardboard chew toys. Paper tubes from toilet paper or paper toweling, cardboard boxes, and egg cartons make very inexpensive chew toys.

    What are some good toys for pet mice?

    Wood blocks and houses

  • Small cardboard boxes
  • Ladders
  • Cotton ropes
  • Paper egg cartons or paper towel or toilet paper tubes
  • Small willow balls