What temperature do spottail shiners spawn?

What temperature do spottail shiners spawn?

For example, I know that when the water reaches 53- to 55-degrees, a biological alarm clock sounds and spottail shiners migrate en masse to spawn in areas of downed bulrush stands and spotty grass on sand flats—and with them, pods of ravenous walleyes looking for an easy meal.

Where do emerald shiners spawn?

Emerald shiners tend to spawn near the surface in open water near boulders and gravel shoals. Eggs usually hatch between 24–32 hours. They are pelagic spawners with numerous buoyant eggs that have none or poorly-developed respiratory organs, and little pigment.

What temperature do shiner minnows spawn?

They spawn early in the morning when water temperatures reach 68–80 F (20–27 C). Spawning takes place over submerged vegetation where the females lay adhesive eggs. A female can deposit approximately 10,000–20,000 eggs which are 1.0–1.4 mm in diameter after fertilization.

How fast do golden shiners grow?

Sexual maturity is reached at 1-2 years for both males and females, but females generally grow faster and to larger sizes than males. Golden shiners generally live for 3-6 years but have been known to live up to 8 years. Golden shiners eat a variety of zooplankton, crustaceans, insects, and phytoplankton.

Can you use shiners for bait in Minnesota?

Bait with a Minnesota origin Most bait that originates in Minnesota (including fathead minnows, white suckers, and golden shiners) can be used as fresh dead or frozen bait, and does not have any specific labeling or preservation requirements.

What do you feed emerald shiners?

Algae, goldfish, and some flies and beetles are excellent sources of nourishment for the shiners. Place the shiners into the tank. Make sure that the water is at room temperature when you place the shiners in the tank.

How often do shiners spawn?

4 to 5 times per season
Golden shiners are repeat spawners and may spawn 4 to 5 times per season. Young golden shiners will mate in the year after they hatch if they are in warmer waters. In colder waters, it may take 2 years of development before they can mate. Golden shiners may spawn 4-5 times during a season.

Can you eat common shiners?

The golden shiner, or American roach (Notemigonus cryseleucas), a larger, greenish and golden minnow attaining a length of 30 cm and a weight of 0.7 kg (1.5 pounds), is both edible and valuable as bait.

Where can I find golden shiners?

The golden shiner is found throughout the eastern half of North America, north to the St Lawrence River, Great Lakes, and Lake Winnipeg, and west to the Dakotas and Texas. Because of its use as bait, it has also been introduced in many places outside this native range.

How do you breed golden shiners?

Golden shiners are broadcast spawners; they lay adhesive eggs on submersed vegetation, or in culture ponds, on mats of latex-coated coconut fiber. The small eggs (~1-mm diameter) hatch in three to five days, depending on water temperature.