What specials have Top Gear done?

What specials have Top Gear done?

The Grand Tour Specials

Title Season (Episode) Year of Airing
The Beach (Buggy) Boys 1 (7 and 8) 2016
Feed the World 2 (11) 2018
Colombia Special 3 (2 and 3) 2019
Survival of the Fattest 3 (13) 2019

What episode did Grand Tour come to Australia?

The third episode of Season 4, The Grand Tour production happened mid-lockdown last year, which is why they chose to have their wacky adventure on their home turf of Scotland. Find out how to stream every episode of the global adventure that is The Grand Tour in Australia below.

Where can I watch all the Top Gear specials?

Best of Top Gear – Season 1 Stream the complete collection of Top Gear, plus digital exclusives right here on the MotorTrend app.

Who was the first presenter of Top Gear?

For its first series, the show was presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and Jason Dawe, with support from anonymous race driver, The Stig. After the first series, Dawe was replaced by James May.

How old is Mark Webber in Formula One?

Webber, now 40, also arrived in motorsport’s premier division without having netted a major title en route. This never bothered him; instead there’s a consistency to the man and his performances (it’s a quality he greatly admires), matched with a rugged self-belief.

When did Mark Webber drive for Red Bull?

Webber went on to drive for Williams, before joining Red Bull in 2007. It was there that his career finally delivered on all the promise he had shown, netting nine victories, and finishing third in the driver’s world championship on three separate occasions.

Where can I find list of Top Gear Races?

Comprehensive lists of challenges and races can be found at Top Gear challenges and Top Gear Races.