What should I teach after reporting speech?

What should I teach after reporting speech?

How to Teach Reported Speech in 3 Steps

  1. Get rid of the quotation marks and comma, and insert ‘that’ after the word ‘said’
  2. Backshift the verb (make it more past)
  3. Change the point-of-view words (certain pronouns, determiners, and adverbs) to fit the new context.

How do you practice reported speech?

Fun ways of practising Reported Speech

  1. Reported speech reversi.
  2. Go betweens.
  3. What they told you.
  4. Reported speech pairwork dictation.
  5. Reported speech pairwork dictation same or different.
  6. Pairwork dictation match the sentences.
  7. Pairwork dictation match the dialogue pairs.
  8. Reported Speech sentence completion guessing game.

How do you start direct and indirect speech?

Using Activities to Teach Reported Speech. Have your students rephrase sentences using reported speech. First, call on one of your students and read out a simple sentence. Then, have the student report the information back to you first using direct speech, then using indirect speech.

What is direct and indirect speech with examples?

When we want to report what someone said without speech marks and without necessarily using exactly the same words, we can use indirect speech (also called reported speech). For example: Direct speech: “We’re quite cold in here.” Indirect speech: They say (that) they’re cold.

What are some fun activities for reported speech?

Top 9 Fun and Creative Activities for Practicing Reported Speech. 1 Can You Repeat That? Though individuals go through plenty of changes as they age, many suffer hearing loss. Your students will have fun with this role 2 Gossip Abounds. 3 Indirect Memory. 4 Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News! 5 Stuck in the Middle.

How are you supposed to write reported speech?

Prepare cards with reported speech on one side and direct speech of the same sentence on the other. Students have to correctly say what is on the other side to turn it over and score one point.

When to use 195 free reported speech worksheets?

When you use some of these 195 worksheets along with the more rigorous exercises in your textbook, your students will quickly gain experience in all the ways English can be used to report speech.

Are there any reported speech worksheets for busy teacher?

BusyTeacher.org even has worksheets that target specific aspects of reported speech, like direct speech, reporting verbs, and impersonal report structures. We’ve got a reported speech worksheet for everybody, from ESL beginners to advanced students; from classes full of kids to business English seminars.