What should I put on top of my fireplace mantel?

What should I put on top of my fireplace mantel?

15 Mantel Decor Ideas for Above Your Fireplace

  1. Mirror.
  2. Art.
  3. Family Photos.
  4. Television.
  5. Clock.
  6. Wreath.
  7. Chalkboard.
  8. Window Pane.

How do you arrange things on the mantle?


  1. Treat the mantel as you would a piece of furniture.
  2. Use items of different shapes and sizes.
  3. Layer items in front of each other.
  4. Create a formal display with symmetry.
  5. Give your display room to breathe.
  6. In most displays, odds are usually better than evens.
  7. Lean items like framed art and mirrors against the wall.

What should I put on my fireplace?

Besides warming your house interior, a fireplace is very easy to be decorated. You can put a mirror, art, or family photos above it. Other options are using a pair of wall sconces, candlesticks, clocks, or vases.

How do you hang a picture over a fireplace mantel?

When you hang things above a fireplace, you are often already hanging them at a height higher than eye level. So, it’s OK to minimize the distance between the bottom of your artwork or TV and the top of your fireplace mantel. Hang your artwork about 3-6″ inches above the mantel for best results.

Does a mantle have to be symmetrical?

The easiest way to create a stylish mantel is a symmetrical arrangement. Whatever you put on the left side of the mantel, you mirror exactly on the right side. Symmetry works for any mantel and style, but it’s especially suited to symmetrical rooms and formal spaces.

How do you keep a mantle without a fireplace?

The possibilities are endless, so have fun!

  1. Antique Wood Mantel Shelf Window Frame and Flowers.
  2. Wooden Scroll Mantel Shelf With Seasonal Accents.
  3. Hearty Wooden Mantel Antique Clock.
  4. Rustic Wooden Shelf With Vase and Wreath.
  5. Mantel Shelf With Antique Wood Scroll Braces.
  6. Decorative Mantel Shelf With Fresh Flowers.

Can you put a TV above a fireplace?

It’s not advisable to mount a TV above a fireplace because excess heat and electronics don’t mix. The area above the fireplace is often warmer than other wall surfaces in your home. The farther the fireplace mantle extends into the room, the more it will deflect heat from the above wall (and TV mounted there).

How high should I hang a picture over a fireplace mantel?