What scientist was born in January?

What scientist was born in January?


  • 1 January. 1894 – Satyendra Nath Bose’s birthday.
  • 2 January. 2 January 1822 – Rudolf Clausius was born.
  • 4 January. 4 January 1643 – Isaac Newton was born.
  • 8 January. 8 January 1942 – Stephen Hawking was born, on the same day that Galileo Galilei died in 1642.
  • 15 January. 15 January 1908 – Edward Teller was born.

What famous scientist died on January 8?

Galileo, in full Galileo Galilei, (born February 15, 1564, Pisa [Italy]—died January 8, 1642, Arcetri, near Florence), Italian natural philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician who made fundamental contributions to the sciences of motion, astronomy, and strength of materials and to the development of the scientific …

What happened on January 9 in science?

January 9 – Today in Science History – Scientists born on January 9th, died, and events. Born 9 Jan 1950. English geneticist who discovered the technique of DNA fingerprinting, used for unique identification of humans, animals and other organisms from their DNA material on 10 Sep 1984.

Who is the richest scientist in India?

Ashoke Sen, FRS (/əˈʃoʊk sɛn/; born 1956) is an Indian theoretical physicist and distinguished professor at the Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad.

Who died on 8th January?

Galileo Galilei

  • 1651 Giovanni Battista Gagliano, composer, dies at 56.
  • 1696 Michael de Ronghe, composer, dies at 75.
  • 1707 John Dalrymple, 1st Earl of Stair, Scottish politician (b.
  • 1711 Philips van Almonde, Zealand lt admiral, dies at 66.
  • 1713 Arcangelo Corelli, Italian composer and violinist (Concerti Grossi), dies at 59.

When was Einstein born and died?

Albert Einstein, (born March 14, 1879, Ulm, Württemberg, Germany—died April 18, 1955, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.), German-born physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity and won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectric effect.

What president was born on January 9th?

Birthdate. Thursday, January 9, 1913 Richard Nixon is the most famous person born on January 9. They were born on a Thursday. Their most notable profession was US President. Their Zodiac sign is ♑ Capricorn.

Who died on January 9?

Next most famous people who died on January 9

  • #2 Victor Emmanuel II of Italy. Tuesday, March 14, 1820 – Wednesday, January 9, 1878.
  • #3 James M. Buchanan.
  • #4 Charlie Hebdo shooting.
  • #5 Anne of Brittany.
  • #6 Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle.
  • #7 Peter Cook.
  • #8 Katherine Mansfield.
  • #9 Amiri Baraka.

Who are some famous scientists born in January?

This month in Science History – January born Scientist! This month in Science History – January born Scientist! This month in Science History – January born Scientist! Science is constantly evolving, helping us understand our world better. Throughout history, some of the most famous inventors and scientists were born in the 1st month of the year.

Who are some of the most famous Indian scientists?

Famous Indian Scientists. Other famous Indians who have contributed immensely to the field of science are Ramanujam, Sir C.V Raman, Homi Bhabha, M. Visvesvaraya, and J.C Bose. The discoveries of some of these sharp minds range from theories of mathematics such as Calculus to modern day nuclear physics.

Why is the birthday of an Indian scientist important?

Each year, his birthday 15 September is celebrated as Engineer’s Day in India. Since river beds were costly, he came up with an efficient way of filtering water through ‘Collector Wells’ in 1895 which was rarely seen anywhere in the world. ( Source)

Who are the most famous people in India?

Famous People’s 🎂 Birthdays, January, India Celebrity Birthdays. 1 Hrithik Roshan. Jan 10, 1974. Mumbai. iHrithik. Indian actor. 2 Swami Vivekananda. 3 Anand Kumar. 4 Subhas Chandra Bose. 5 A. R. Rahman.