What schools are in Phoenix Elementary District?

What schools are in Phoenix Elementary District?

Our Schools

  • Bethune School. Principal Dr. Ronnie Pitre. Address 1310 S 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007.
  • Capitol School. Principal Mr. Dirk Olmstead. Address 330 N 16th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007.
  • Dunbar School. Principal Ms. Gina Millsaps. Address 707 W Grant, Phoenix, AZ 85007.
  • Edison School. Principal Mr. Fred Graef.

How many elementary schools are in Phoenix AZ?

Phoenix is home to 325 public schools in 30 school districts along with more than 200 charter and private schools.

What is the best school district in Maricopa County?

2022 Best School Districts in Maricopa County

  • Heritage Academy. School District.
  • Chandler Unified School District No. School District.
  • Scottsdale Unified School District.
  • Gilbert Public Schools.
  • Choice Academies.
  • Peoria Unified School District.
  • Paradise Valley Unified School District.
  • Deer Valley Unified School District.

How many high schools are in the Phoenix metro?

Phoenix Union High School District contains 18 high schools. For comprehensive and personalized admissions consulting,consider Crimson Education. Services like mentoring, essay guidance and tutoring can help you get into your dream school.

How many school districts are in Arizona?

General information

Regional comparison, 2012-2013
State Schools Districts
Arizona 2,267 666
Nevada 664 18
New Mexico 877 146

What is considered middle school in Arizona?

1 K-3 elementary school; three K-6 elementary schools; one 4-6 elementary school; one 7-8 middle school; Originally founded in 1879 to serve students from Tonto Basin, the Osborn Elementary District serves 3,649 students in grades K-8.

How many schools are Maricopa?

Overview of Maricopa Unified School District Maricopa Unified School District contains 11 schools and 7,492 students.

Does Phoenix have good public schools?

For the 2021-22 school year, there are 458 public schools serving 253,537 students in Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix has one of the highest concentrations of top ranked public schools in Arizona. Schools in Phoenix have an average ranking of 6/10, which is in the top 50% of Arizona public schools.

Does Arizona have good schools?

For the majority of U.S. families, public education is the only option. But the quality of public school systems varies widely from state to state and is often a question of funding….Public School Ranking by State.

Overall Rank 49
State Arizona
Total Score 35.13
Quality 49
Safety 34