What properties can I buy in GTA Vice City?

What properties can I buy in GTA Vice City?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Asset Price Location
Boatyard $10,000 Viceport
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory $20,000 Little Havana
The Pole Position Club $30,000 Ocean Beach
Kaufman Cabs $40,000 Little Haiti

How do you get all the properties in GTA Vice City?

Safehouses can be bought by picking up a floating green house icon in front of a building for a price. All safehouses are available to purchase from the beginning of the game….Wiki Targeted (Games)

Name Links View Apartment
Location Vice Point
Cost $6,000
Garage capacity 1*
Unlocked by In The Beginning…

What is the cheat code to buy all properties in GTA Vice City?

GTA Vice City PC Cheats

GTA Vice City Cheat Cheat Code

Where are the hidden packages in GTA Vice City?

Hidden Packages in GTA Vice City/Locations

  • Ocean Beach.
  • Washington Beach.
  • Vice Point.
  • Prawn Island.
  • Leaf Links.
  • Starfish Island.
  • Downtown Vice City.
  • Little Haiti.

Where is the Vice City?

The game is set in 1986 in fictional Vice City, which is based heavily on the city of Miami. Vice City previously appeared in the original Grand Theft Auto (1997); the development team decided to reuse the location and incorporate ideas from within the studio and the fanbase.

What happens when you find all the hidden packages in Vice City?

There are 100 hidden packages stashed throughout Vice City. These packages look like statues of green birds; for every 10 collected, a new reward is unlocked.

Where to buy properties in GTA Vice City?

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City you could buy a ton of properties from safe houses to businesses that generated revenue. This was a powerful game mechanic and it’s still used in GTA games to this day. I want to offer a list of all the best properties you’ll find in GTA Vice City.

Which is the cheapest asset in Vice City?

At an eye-watering $40,000 it might not be the cheapest asset available. However this one will generate $5,000 for every pickup completed which is nothing to scoff at. As well as having this financial benefit, Kaufman cabs makes the cut because it’s close to some feisty gangs.

Where are the safehouses in GTA Vice City?

Vice city as a saving location. Vice city is the fourth installment in the hugely successful grand theft auto video game series from rockstar games. Safehouses are present in grand theft auto. Assets map this map shows all the asset properties in vice city. Vice city at ign.

What can you do in Vice City in real life?

While in real life this would be less than ideal, in Vice City this means plenty of opportunity to start a turf war and get in firing practice or even hand to hand combat if you’re brave enough. This also means if you come out alive you get some nice weapons from the ordeal.