What number do you text for HPI Check?

What number do you text for HPI Check?

To get a full HPI™ Check, text the vehicle’s registration number to 78777. You’ll receive your report straight to your mobile instantly. Check a car, bike or van. We’ll tell you if the vehicle has Outstanding Finance, is recorded as Stolen, has a mileage discrepancy or has previously been Written Off.

What does an HPI Check tell you?

An HPI Check is a vehicle check provided by HPI Ltd that scrutinises the history of any motorised vehicle registered in the UK including cars, vans and motorbikes. The HPI Check is probably the most important check you will do before buying a used car and should be your first line of defence against vehicle fraud.

Does HPI Check show number of owners?

Check Car Ownership with HPI You can conduct a car ownership check with our HPI Check service. With 80 years of experience, we can provide you with up to 80 vital information points about the history of the vehicle you’re looking to buy, including the number of owners it’s had.

What does Cat N stand for on a car?

Category N write-offs are vehicles that have suffered non-structural damage and can be repaired to a roadworthy condition and put back into use. The term ‘non-structural’ covers a lot of ground these days and could include the bumpers and roof panel, not to mention the electrics, the engine and the seats.

What is cat n When buying a car?

A Cat N vehicle has suffered some damage, probably in an accident, but not to its structural frame or chassis. The insurance company that handled the claim decided that repairing the vehicle would have cost more than replacing it. Insurers often sell Cat N vehicles on for salvage.

Is it worth getting a HPI check?

Mike says: ‘First and foremost, you should always carry out an HPI Check to ensure that any car you’re serious about has not been an insurance write off, does not have any outstanding finance on it and is not stolen. ‘If it has outstanding finance, make sure it is settled before you purchase the vehicle.

Is it illegal to sell a car with finance outstanding?

You can’t sell a car on finance as you don’t legally own it until you have made all your payments. It’s illegal to sell a car on finance without telling the buyer that you still owe money on it and without paying off the debt. If you don’t tell the buyer, you will have committed fraud and could be prosecuted.

Is it worth doing a HPI check?

Does a HPI check show damage?

Will an HPI Check always show if the vehicle has been in an accident? Not always. A vehicle check will only verify if the car has been in a recorded insurance claim and has been “written off”. Most drivers will contact their insurers and report the incident, and the vehicle will then be repaired (if needed).

Is insurance higher on Cat N cars?

Does Cat N affect insurance? Yes. As we discussed above, if you choose to insure a Cat N car you’ll probably find that your insurance premiums will be noticeably higher than they would be for a brand new vehicle.