What muscles does high row work?

What muscles does high row work?

The barbell high row is generally considered a back exercise, but muscles throughout the body are active during this move. The muscles in the middle and upper back (latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, posterior deltoids) along with the biceps enable the pulling movement.

How do you use a high row machine?

Exercise Instructions Grasp the handles and pull them toward you until your elbows are behind you while exhaling and contracting your back muscles. Hold for a couple of seconds. Slowly allow the handles to return to the starting position while inhaling. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Is HIGH row a good exercise?

An upright row is an effective exercise to build strength in the shoulders and upper back. It’s a pull exercise, meaning you’ll be pulling the weight toward you and targeting your posterior chain, or the muscles on the backside of your body.

What is the prime mover in a seated row?

During the seated row, the primary movers are the lats and rhomboids. The trapezius and biceps help the movement by assisting the lats and rhomboids.

What can I do instead of TRX rows?

Mid Row on TRX. Alternative exercise is a dumbbell row or barbell row.

What is bent over high row?

The bent over row is a compound exercise that stresses high amounts of muscle tissues when performed correctly. While it is a rowing motion (meaning it targets the back muscles) it still can have significant muscle building effects on other muscle groups.

What is high row exercise?

The machine high row is a pull exercise. The movements of most pull exercise are either horizontal or vertical. The machine high row is different because the movement is diagonal. As a result, compared with other pull exercises, it hits your muscles from a different angle.

What is a hammer High Row?

hammer strength – high row is a exercise machine exercise that primarily targets the lats and to a lesser degree also targets the biceps, middle back and shoulders.