What kind of Shoes does LeBron James Wear?

What kind of Shoes does LeBron James Wear?

Equip them to hit the court with the latest styles of kids’ LeBron James shoes. Featuring signature Nike footwear technologies like Flyknit and Zoom Air, kids’ LeBron shoes are designed to provide lightweight cushioning, targeted support and all-around comfort so your young athlete can play and compete with confidence.

What does cushioning do for LeBron basketball shoes?

For kids sporting LeBron shoes, the signature cushioning also adds plenty of support. Whether they are jumping, racing, or just relaxing, the cushioning helps absorb impact, provide stability, and enhance the feeling of dynamic movements with energetic flexibility.

How old was LeBron James when he started playing basketball?

This item is new. Dubbed “King James” at a young age, LeBron James trail-blazed his way through basketball history beginning as an underclassman in high school.

When did LeBron James sign his contract with Nike?

In 2015 LeBron signed the first ever lifetime contract with , solidifying what was already a significant partnership. Nike’s commitment to premium sneakers and athletic apparel matches LeBron’s commitment to the game, ensuring many years of quality, signature styles to come. The boys’ Nike LeBron 17 is the superstar’s latest and greatest.

Where did LeBron James go to high school?

Born and raised in Ohio, LeBron James’ rise to the top started on his high school court. He was drafted into the pros in 2003 and quickly proved his talents in Cleveland, moving on to Miami and Los Angeles in his quest to conquer the title of GOAT.

When did the LeBron 7 Air Max come out?

The LeBron 7, originally released in 2009, remains an icon. Full-length Air Max cushioning makes for standout style and ultimate on-court comfort. Looking for lockdown?