What kind of processor does Asus Transformer Book t100ta have?

What kind of processor does Asus Transformer Book t100ta have?

With the zero bright dot guarantee, you can exchange the Transformer Book T100TA for a new one if you detect a bright, stuck pixel anywhere on your display. The Transformer Book T100TA comes with an Intel Atom Z3740 processor with Intel HD Graphics, 2GB of system memory, and 64GB SSD.

What’s the color of the Transformer Book t100ta?

The Transformer Book T100TA automatically changes the screen color balance toward a more yellow/sepia tone while using the built in Windows 8.1 Mail, Reader, and News apps. This is Asus’ Reading Mode setting, to which you can add other apps or can be turned off entirely for a consistent color palette.

Which is better Acer Iconia W3 or Transformer Book t100ta?

The Transformer Book T100TA has an IPS display, guaranteeing good viewing from all angles and screen orientations, something the 8-inch Acer Iconia W3 (64GB) ($349.99 at Amazon) ($429.99) has trouble with. Compared to the Transformer Book T100TA’s display, the Iconia W3’s screen looks like it’s coated in mud.

Is the Asus Transformer Book compatible with Windows 7?

After reformatting in a Windows 7 desktop, both USB sticks were operable in other PCs and tested OK, so the Asus tablet did not permanently destroy the USB media. It appears as if there are firmware issues (or hardware issues) in both the internal microSD slot and the micro USB slot on the tablet itself.

Is the Asus Transformer tablet compatible with Microsoft Store?

Not all ASUS applications are not loaded on the Microsoft store version of the T100TA. ASUS Live is not very useful and it’s a good idea to perform manual driver updates. ASUS Bios update 2.16 caused major issues, so be careful flashing a new bios. It bricked a few T100s.

When to stop charging Asus Transformer Tablet T100?

1. Refrain from using the T100 while charging it, it charges faster that way. 2. Charge when you get to 40% battery level and quit charging when you’ve reached 80% to increase cycles. Last edited by mothproof; 12-09-2013 at 02:18 AM .