What kind of plane is a Canadair Regional Jet?

What kind of plane is a Canadair Regional Jet?

Bombardier CRJ
The Bombardier CRJ or CRJ Series (for Canadair Regional Jet) is a family of regional jets introduced in 1991 by Bombardier Aerospace….Bombardier CRJ.

Bombardier CRJ CRJ Series
Primary users SkyWest Airlines Endeavor Air PSA Airlines Air Wisconsin
Produced 1991-2020
Number built 1945
Developed from Canadair Challenger 600 series

Who makes Canadair Regional Jet?

Bombardier Aviation
Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet/Manufacturers

How many seats does a CRJ 1000 have?

Bombardier CRJ1000/Number of seats

How fast does a Canadair regional jet fly?


Variant CRJ700 CRJ1000
Max. speed 0.825 Mach (473 kn, 876 km/h) 0.82 Mach (470 kn, 871 km/h)
Service ceiling 41,000 ft / 12,479 m
Cruise Mach 0.78 (447 kn, 829 km/h)
Range 1,378 NM / 2,553 km (ER) 1,622 NM / 3,004 km (ER)

Does Canadair Regional Jet 900 have wifi?

So, having some inflight entertainment onboard is great. While the CRJ900s don’t have seatback screens, it is amazing that these aircraft are equipped with wifi capability.

Are regional jets safe?

Answer: Yes, regional jets are safe. The pilots and flight attendants have completed extensive training and demonstrated their ability to handle normal and abnormal situations. I ride on regional jets frequently and am not concerned about the safety of the flight.

How high can a CRJ fly?

Maximum speed is Mach 0.85 (903 km/h; 488 kn) at a maximum altitude of 12,500 m (41,000 ft). Depending upon payload, the CRJ700 has a range of up to 3,620 km (2,250 mi) with original engines, and a new variant with CF34-8C5 engines will have a range of up to 4,660 km (2,900 mi).

Are CRJ planes safe?