What kind of phones were out in 2012?

What kind of phones were out in 2012?

So, without further rambling, here are my Top 10 Smartphones to Kick Off 2012.

  • Number 1: Apple iPhone 4S.
  • Number 2: HTC One X.
  • Number 3: Nokia Lumia 900.
  • Number 4: Galaxy Nexus from Samsung.
  • Number 5: HTC Titan II.
  • Number 6: HTC One S.
  • Number 7: Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx.
  • Number 8: Samsung Focus S.

How far back do Verizon phone records go?

Verizon: Keeps records of calls and cell towers used for a year; text message details are retained for up to one year, actual text message content between 3 to 5 days; Internet session information for up to a year, and Web sites visited for up to 90 days.

How do you tell if your Verizon phone is ready for an upgrade?

To learn if your current device can be upgraded, go to your Device overview in My Verizon. Scroll down to view your devices. “Upgrade now” appears under eligible devices. To find the upgrade eligibility date for other devices, tap the device, then tap Check Upgrade Options.

Do Android phones expire?

Your Smartphone Should Last a Minimum of 2-3 Years That goes for iPhones, Androids, or any of the other varieties of devices that are on the market. The reason that’s the most common response is that toward the end of its usable life, a smartphone will begin to slow down.

How long are texts kept?

The text message will be stored in SMSC until they are delivered, canceled or expired. The expiry time depends on carrier preferences. Often at little as 24 hours in Europe/Asia and as much as 7 days in the US. If the phone doesn’t get connection in the waiting period, the message would be deleted from the server.

How often should I replace my phone?

Nonetheless, replacing your device every two years is still a good idea. Even if the phone functions well, the hardware and operating system are antiquated by the time the phone is two years old.