What kind of oil does a trim pump take?

What kind of oil does a trim pump take?

SAE 10W30 Automotive Oil A substitute for outboard tilt-trim oil is automotive oil with SAE 10W30 specification. For example, it is recommended that you use SAE 10W30 oil in older Mercruiser brand trim pumps.

How do you fill a Mercruiser trim pump?

Turn the fill screw on the top-right side of the trim pump tank counterclockwise with a flathead screwdriver. Pour hydraulic fluid into the tank until the level reaches the “Full” line. Replace the fill screw. Disconnect the leftmost (Up) line from the trim cylinder with an adjustable wrench.

What kind of fluid does a SAE j1171 Marine take?

Renewable Lubricants 87123 Bio-Food Grade Hydraulic Fluid, 1 gal, ISO 32 yellow.

How do I add oil to tilt and trim?

Well-Known Member. With the engine raised you will see a hexagonal nut on the LHS of the tilt trim unit itself. Undo the nut and add the oil via syringe or pump until oil starts coming back out, raise and lower once or twice then let it sit for an hour, recheck. Reservoir is full when oil runs out.

Can you use automotive power steering fluid in a boat?

It is the best oil to use in hydraulic-steering systems, but any oil that meets MIL 5606 specification can be used, and in an emergency, even 5W engine oil. While many boaters use automatic transmission fluid in their steering systems, using the manufacturer’s recommended product is the way to go.

How do you bleed air from a trim pump?

Bleeding: OB tilt/trim units are “self-bleeding” and you should always perform these “purge cycles” even if you don’t need to add any more fluid. To purge/check, remove the tilt lock (if engaged) and cycle the OB down by “jogging” it down, in 3 second bursts. Then rest the motor about 15 seconds.

How do you bleed air tilt and trim?

How do I check my Mercruiser power trim fluid?

Remove the fill screw from the top of the trim pump using a flat screwdriver. Check the fluid level. Open the cap of the translucent plastic reservoir next to the pump if the system is equipped with one. Check the fluid level using the fill mark on the side of the reservoir.

What is drive oil for a boat?

The drive gets Mercriuser High Performance gear oil. The trim pump and power steering get Merc trim and steering fluid, and the engine gets the Marine engine oil as specified, depending on engine.

What kind of oil to put in MerCruiser trim pump?

Mercruiser Trim Oil, should it be Dexron ATF or 10w30 engine oil? Boat; 1987 Regal Sebring, Engine 4.3 Mercruiser 175 I/O, Drive; Alpha 1, Trim oil; I don’t know what I should put in it. Trim pump has a see through plastic resevoir, trim cylinders have a Forward line and an Aft line going to them. Any info would be welcomed,

What kind of oil do I use in my alpha 1 trim pump?

or 10W-40 engine oil can be used in the system. Re: What fluid do I use in my alpha 1 trim pump? Don’t mix the oils… Use ATF ONLY if it already has ATF in it.. If it has 30W oil and you still want to use ATF, then you need to flush out all of the the 30W oil…. BTW… Quicksilver trim and tilt fluid is…… 30W oil… Chris…….

Where is the power trim fluid held in a MerCruiser?

Power trim fluid is held in a reservoir inside the power trim pump or in a separate plastic reservoir near the pump. Maintaining proper levels of fluid is necessary for the trim system to operate properly.

What kind of pump does an 87 MerCruiser use?

I have an 87 mercruiser with an alpha 1 gen 2 drive ob587… I have water in the fluid. The shop manual describes 3 pumps, 1 prestolite and 2 oildynes. The name on the pump is warn off so I can’t tell the brand or which of the pumps it is.