What kind of holidays are in Iran?

What kind of holidays are in Iran?

Iran Public Holidays

  • Victory of Islamic Revolution. 10 February 2021.
  • Imam Ali’s Birthday. 25 February 2021.
  • Shab-e-Miraj (Night of Ascension) 11 March 2021.
  • Nationalisation of Oil Industry Day. 19 March 2021.
  • Nowruz (Persian New Year)
  • Imam Mahdi’s Birthday.
  • Martyrdom of Imam Ali.
  • Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

How many public holidays do you have in Iran?

26 public holidays
With 26 public holidays in Iran, it stands in the second rank of having the most days off in the world. Why are there these many holidays?

What is the most important festival in Iran?

The celebration of Iranian New Year, Nowruz, is the most important festival in Iran. It starts on March 20 and takes place over 12 days. Festivities usually involve the cleaning of homes, the giving alms and the visiting of relatives.

What is the weekend in Iran?

In Iran, the workweek is from Saturday to Thursday in almost all public and governmental offices, and the weekend is Friday.

Is Friday holiday in Iran?

Accordingly, just like many Islamic countries in the world, Friday is the official weekend in Iran. Also, Thursday is the closed day for many businesses in this country. As a result, opposed to most of the countries, Saturdays and Sundays are working days in Iran.

Is Christmas a holiday in Iran?

Christmas isn’t widely celebrated in Iran and it isn’t a public holiday. Only 0.15% of people in Iran are Christians. Most Christians in Iran are Armenian immigrants. The Armenian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on January 6th along with Epiphany.

What is the most popular food in Iran?

Morasa polo (Jeweled Rice) Kebab is the most popular food in Iran. But it is not the only popular food. morasa polo , which literally means “jeweled rice”, is a kind of rice with tiny pieces of fruit and all kinds of seeds and nuts shining like jewels on it.

What is Iran most known for?

Iran is known for

  • Architecture. More than 3000 years of history and empire has left Iran with an array of architectural treasures that include towers, great domes and adobe cities, as well as mosques.
  • Cultural Encounters.
  • Iranian Food.
  • Ancient Civilisations.
  • Village Life.
  • Adventurous Activities.
  • Museums.
  • Bazaars.

What is Santa’s name in Iran?

In more prominent shopping centers, especially those in northern parts of Tehran, Santa Claus, or Bābā Noel (as Persian people call him) welcomes you at the main entrance.