What kind of company is Mahindra Satyam Computer Services?

What kind of company is Mahindra Satyam Computer Services?

Mahindra Satyam (formerly Satyam Computer Services Limited) was an Indian IT services company based in Hyderabad, India. The company was listed on the Pink Sheets, the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. It offered a range of services, including software development, system maintenance,…

What is the stock price of Mahindra Satyam?

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When did Central Board of direct taxes attach Mahindra Satyam?

The Central Board of Direct Taxes attached the properties of Mahindra Satyam on 30 January 2012, after issuing notices to the company seeking payment of the tax. The Andhra Pradesh High Court stayed the order in February 2012.

How many clients does Satyam Computer Services have?

Satyam Computer Services was founded in 1987 and by 2008 had revenues of over $2 billion, employing 52,000 IT professionals across the world. It was one of India’s five top IT companies, and focused on the enterprise segment. It had an extensive client list including 185 Fortune 500 companies.

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How is the turnaround of Mahindra Satyam going?

Nayyar commented “The turnaround of Mahindra Satyam is symbolically and practically complete. The merger (with Tech Mahindra), which is in its penultimate phase, will open a new chapter for the company. We thank all stakeholders for supporting us during this crucial phase”.

What does Tech Mahindra stand for in the world?

Tech Mahindra represents the connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences, enabling Enterprises, Associates and the Society to Rise. Understand the true potential of 5G as it stands in the cusp of transforming our world!