What is there to see in Dungog?

What is there to see in Dungog?

Dungog Activities

  • Attraction. Corker trail. It’s not called Corker trail for nothing.
  • Attraction. Vacy Community Arts Centre.
  • Attraction. Clarence Town Bowling Club.
  • Attraction. Chichester Dam.
  • Attraction. Barrington Tops National Park Walks.
  • Attraction. Lostock Dam.
  • Food and drink. Rock Frog Grange.
  • Hire. Speedy Cycles.

What Aboriginal land is dungog on?

Dungog Shire was occupied by Koori people up to about 40,000 years before European settlement. The Kooris living in the area from what is now known as Brookfield to the headwaters of the Williams and Chichester rivers up to the Manning River belonged to a tribe known as the Gringai who are a sub-group of the Worimi.

What is the population of Dungog?

approximately 8,700 people
With a population of approximately 8,700 people, Dungog Shire encompasses the townships of Dungog, Clarence Town, Gresford, Vacy, Martins Creek and Paterson.

What is dungog postcode?

Dungog/Postal codes

What is the meaning of Dungog?

Tourists and residents alike of the small town of Dungog on the Williams River are usually informed that the word ‘Dungog’ is a local Gringai word meaning ‘clear hills’ or ‘thinly wooded hills’ with the assumption that this refers to the general location of what is now the town of Dungog.

When was dungog built?

Its construction was largely funded by public donations. It was opened on the 4 September 1920. On Brown Street, on the way to the hospital, are the handsome buildings of St Joseph’s School (established in 1888) and St Mary’s Catholic Church.

Where do Worimi people live today?

The Worimi (also spelt Warrimay) people are Aboriginal Australians from the eastern Port Stephens and Great Lakes regions of coastal New South Wales, Australia.

How old is Dungog?

* The land for a township to be named Upper Williams was set aside in 1830 but the name ‘Dungog’ was suggested by magistrate Captain Thomas Cook in 1834. * In the early 1830s the settlers petitioned the authorities for a military post to deal with bushranging in the area.

What is Nagpaparinig English?

the hint of the hymn.

What is Dungog English?

English Translation. honor. More meanings for dungog. reputation noun.

What language do Worimi speak?

The Gathang is the traditional language spoken by the Worimi throughout their Nation. The Gathang language that was once spoken by the Worimi of Port Stephens would soon became unspoken with the arrival of European colonisation of their lands.

Where is Dungog in New South Wales, Australia?

Dungog is a country town on the Williams River in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia.

When was the Dungog Theatre in New South Wales built?

The theatre was first opened on land of James Stuart in December 1912. Originally an open-air theatre, it was roofed by 1914 and in 1918 an enclosed hall built. In order to accommodate “talkie” movies and to provide improved dance facilities, Stuart commissioned major reconstruction works that commenced in 1930.

How many kids go to Dungog High School?

Dungog High School has approximately 680 students, Children from nearly all of the surrounding towns (e.g.: Clarence Town, Gresford, Paterson, Vacy, Wallarobba, Martins Creek, East Gresford, and Glen Martin) attend.

What are the most popular events in Dungog?

Popular Dungog events are the Dungog Film Festival hosted at the James Theatre, the Dungog Agricultural Show, Pedalfest, the Dungog Rodeo, and the Thunderbolt Rally. Each of these events showcase local produce and talent and bring tourists to the region.