What is the use of config element in JMeter?

What is the use of config element in JMeter?

Configuration Elements allow you to create defaults and variables to be used by Samplers. They are used to add or modify requests made by Samplers. They are executed at the start of the scope of which they are part, before any Samplers that are located in the same scope.

What are the different elements of JMeter?

Components of JMeter

  • Test Plan.
  • ThreadGroup.
  • Samplers.
  • Listeners.
  • WorkBench.
  • Assertions.
  • Config Element.
  • Logic Controllers.

What is simple config element in JMeter?

In JMeter, ‘Simple Config Element’ is used to add or override arbitrary values in samplers. This element is very rarely used by the tester, although some developers might find a use for this element, as a basic GUI that they can use while developing new JMeter components.

What are the elements of JMeter test plan?

> A test plan is the top level element of JMeter, explains sequence of steps execute at run time. A test plan made up of Thread Groups, Sampler, logic controller/s, listener/s, timer/s, assertions/, and configuration elements.

What is a configuration element?

Working of configuration elements is quitesimilar to those of samplers. However, it does not send requests but it allows you to modify the requests made by the samplers. It is a simple element where you can collects the corporate configuration values of all samplers like webserver’s hostname or database url etc.

What is HTTP header manager in JMeter?

The HTTP Header Manager lets you customize what information JMeter sends in the HTTP request header. This header includes properties like “User-Agent”, “Pragma”, “Referer”, etc.

What is execution order of JMeter elements?

The order of execution would be:

  • Pre-Processor 1.
  • Timer 1.
  • Timer 2.
  • Sampler 1.
  • Post-Processor 1.
  • Post-Processor 2.
  • Assertion 1.
  • Pre-Processor 1.

What is a JMeter sampler?

Samplers in JMeter allows JMeter to send different types of requests to a server. Samplers are the actual requests, JMeter sends to the web server under test. Each sampler (except Test Action) generates one or more sample results.

Why do we use HTTP header manager in JMeter?

Are there any config elements available in JMeter?

There are many configuration elements available in JMeter’ which we can see in the screenshot below.

What are the different components of JMeter called?

The different components of JMeter are called Elements. Each Element is designed for a specific purpose. The figure below gives some common elements in JMeter. Studying all the components in one go is an invitation to confusion and boredome.

What is the CSV data set config in JMeter?

This login information (e.g. Username, password) could be stored in a text file. JMeter has an element that allows you to read different parameters from that text file. It is “CSV Data Set Config”, which is used to read lines from a file, and split them into variables.

How is the random variable config used in JMeter?

The random variable config element is used to generate random numeric values within a range of specified minimum and maximum values. The counter config element is used to create a variable that gets incremented by specified value in each iteration within a range of minimum and maximum values.