What is the story of Cephalus and procris?

What is the story of Cephalus and procris?

The myth of the huntsman Cephalus and his wife Procris was presented as a parable of the misfortunes caused by a lack of marital trust and fidelity. According to the Roman poet Ovid (43 BC-AD 17) in “The Metamorphoses,” Cephalus is urged by a goddess to test the faithfulness of his wife.

How did Cephalus deceive Procris?

Joyfully she rose to fling herself into his arms, but hearing a rustling of foliage, Cephalus shot an arrow at what he thought would be a wild beast in the brush. Dying, the woman laments that the breeze by whose name she was deceived would now carry away her spirit, and her husband weeps, holding her in his arms.

What does the story of Cephalus and procris teach about the nature of love and fidelity?

What does the story of Cephalus and Procris teach about the nature of love and fidelity in Part 5, Chapter 3 of Mythology? She leaves him, and it appears their love is dead. Cephalus realizes his grave mistake and goes to find his wife. When he begs her forgiveness, she does not take him back right away.

What goddess was in love with Cephalus?

goddess Dawn
Cephalus, in Greek mythology, son of Hermes and Herse, daughter of Cecrops, king of Athens. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, he was beloved by the goddess Dawn (Eos, or Aurora), who carried him off to live with her on Mount Olympus.

What is Cephalus the god of?

Etymology. The word kephalos is Greek for “head”, perhaps used here because Cephalus was the founding “head” of a great family that includes Odysseus. It could be that Cephalus means the head of the Sun who kills (evaporates) Procris (dew) with his unerring ray or ‘javelin’.

What is the meaning of Cephalus?

Cephalus (/ˈsɛfələs/; Ancient Greek: Κέφαλος Kephalos means “head”) is a name used both for the hero-figure in Greek mythology and carried as a theophoric name by historical persons.

What did Procris get killed with?

The javelin would always hit its mark, and so Procris was impaled by the javelin. Though dying, Cephalus managed to explain to Procris that he was not cheating on her, and so Procris died happily in the arms of her husband.

How did Procris husband deceive her?

Since Cephalus 1 and Procris 2 were bound by mutual love, they promised each other never to be untrue. But a man called Pteleon bribed her with a golden crown and was in that way admitted in her bed.

What was Procris killed with?

Why does Cephalus throw his spear?

Fearing that Cephalus loves a nymph, Procris spies on her husband while he is hunting. When Cephalus hears Procris rustling in the woods, he mistakes her for game and throws his magical spear that never misses its mark.

Was Procris a goddess?

Cephalus and Procris The goddess of dawn, Eos, fell in love with him and kidnapped Cephalus when he was hunting. The resistant Cephalus and Eos became lovers, and she bore him a son named Phaethon (not to be confused with the son of the sun-god Helios).

What kind of person was Cephalus?

Cephalus A wealthy and retired old businessman, head of a business family. Socrates has known him a long time and admires him. Cephalus and Socrates initiate the dialogue, which begins with a casual friendly conversation.

Who was the husband of Procris in Greek mythology?

Cephalus of Phocis Cephalus of Phocis was a mortal prince in Greek mythology, famous for being the husband of Procris, the Athenian princess. At one time Cephalus was the owner of the legendary hunting dog Laelaps, and also a comrade of the Theban general Amphitryon. Cephalus was a son of Deioneus, the king of Phocis, and his wife Diomede.

What did Cephalus do to his wife Procris?

Cephalus had killed his wife, but Procris would die happily in his arms, when Cephalus explained that he was not cheating on her. It was said that Cephalus was subsequently tried upon the Areopagus (Ares Rock), although this was a place normally associated with trials of deliberate murder rather than accidental death.

When did Jean Honore Fragonard paint Cephalus and Procris?

Jean-Honore Fragonard. Original Title: Céphale et Procris. Date: 1755. Style: Rococo. Genre: mythological painting. Media: oil, canvas. Tag: Greek-and-Roman-Mythology, heroes, Cephalus, Procris. Location: Musée des Beaux-Arts d’Angers, Angers, France.

What was the name of Cephalus wife in Greek mythology?

But Cephalus was just married to a charming wife whom he loved devotedly. Her name was Procris. She was a favorite of its mark; and Procris gave these presents to her husband. you ever saw again.” woodland sports.