What is the recovery time for shoulder debridement?

What is the recovery time for shoulder debridement?

Debridement or decompression (i.e. cleanup or “rotor-rooter’) type surgeries of the shoulder can take roughly 8-12 weeks to return to full age appropriate activities. It can be 16-36 weeks for a full recovery from a decompression surgery.

Is shoulder debridement painful?

After Extensive Debridement Shoulder Surgery, some pain, tenderness, and stiffness are normal. You should be alert for certain signs and symptoms that may suggest the development of complications.

What is shoulder labral debridement?

The Labral Debridement Procedure The goal of a labral debridement procedure is to trim back the torn area of the labrum in order to lower the risk of further tearing. The procedure is often performed arthroscopically, using very small incisions and special surgical tools.

Is shoulder debridement necessary?

But a debridement surgery is needed if your labral tear does not heal sufficiently with conservative treatment. The surgery may be required to address issues like repairing or removing the torn tissue. There are two ways in which the surgery can be performed; it can be performed arthroscopically or open.

How long should you take off work after shoulder surgery?

You may be able to do easier daily activities in 2 to 3 weeks. Most people who work at desk jobs can go back to work at this time. If you lift, push, or pull at work, you will probably need 3 to 4 months off. Most people can start activities with low risk of shoulder injury in about 3 months.

What is surgical wound debridement?

Debridement is a procedure for treating a wound in the skin. It involves thoroughly cleaning the wound and removing all hyperkeratotic (thickened skin or callus), infected, and nonviable (necrotic or dead) tissue, foreign debris, and residual material from dressings.

How long does arthroscopic shoulder labrum surgery take?

Surgical debridement or arthroscopic stabilization of a labral tear normally takes two hours to complete. You may be given an interscalene block, also referred to as regional anesthesia, to numb your shoulder and neck area.

What is considered extensive debridement of shoulder?

Here is the difference between LIMITED and EXTENSIVE debridement: If the surgeon debrides 1 to 2 “discrete structures” in the shoulder, it’s limited (29822). If the surgeon debrides 3 or more, it would be coded as extensive (29823). Bone and soft tissues qualify as discrete structures.