What is the rarest outfit in GTA 5?

What is the rarest outfit in GTA 5?

5 most rarest clothing items in GTA Online

  • #5 – Kifflom T-shirt. The Epsilon cult is virtually in both the Story Mode and GTA Online, which is Rockstar’s way of poking fun at all sorts of real-world cults and such.
  • #4 – Full Kifflom Suit.
  • #3 – Christmas items on log-in.
  • #2 – Rockstar Verified T-shirt.

Where do I find stockpile GTA?

Locations. Stockpile I takes place over Los Santos, around Pillbox Hill. Players are given P-45 Nokotas with the Homing Missile upgrade. Stockpile II takes place over the Pacific Ocean, around Paleto Cove.

Is there hidden money in GTA Online?

There are 12 Hidden Packages spread throughout the waters in GTA 5. Each briefcase contains a hefty amount of cash that can be collected many times. Eleven of the cases are hidden underwater near crashed objects such as ships, planes, automobiles, and even boats.

What are hidden caches?

As the name suggests, Hidden Cache is the cache (temporary files such as Javascript codes) that is generally hidden unless users look for it and delete it. “Hidden caches” are cache files that are stored in non-default cache directories, such as AudioCache.

What are the coolest outfits in GTA 5?

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Which is the most rare outfit in GTA Online?

The Blue Epsilon is another super cool and rare outfit in GTA Online. To unlock it, players have to go to a nightclub and head directly to the restroom. Restrooms located in the nightclub will all have an attendant, who, if the player tips over 500 times, will, out of thankfulness, gift them the epic Blue Epsilon. # 1 – The Kifflom t-shirt

Why are outfits so important in GTA Online?

For some reason, outfits are overwhelmingly underrated in GTA Online. Sure, they are not crucial for survival, but a little fashion here and there never hurt anybody! And the truth is that criminals in GTA Online are, well, criminals and have more money than anyone else in the entire world. That’s kind of like the whole point of the game.

What’s the most important thing in GTA Online?

Deadly weapons and vintage-themed cars make up the most significant essence of GTA Online, but classic outfits are just as important. After all, style wins over everything, doesn’t it? For some reason, outfits are overwhelmingly underrated in GTA Online.