What is the postal code of Tondo Manila?

What is the postal code of Tondo Manila?

Manila Postal Code

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Sta. Cruz South 1003 2
Sta. Mesa 1016 2
Tondo North 1013 2
Tondo South 1012 2

Is Tondo 2 North or South?

In the 1987 constitution, Tondo split into two congressional districts of Manila making the first district to the west while the second district in the east. Paco also split by fifth and sixth congressional districts which the fifth in the south and sixth in the north.

What is the area code for Manila?

The 02 area code covers Metro Manila and neighboring areas of (Rizal Province, San Pedro, Laguna, and Bacoor, Cavite).

Does Turkey have a postal code?

Postal codes in Turkey (Turkish: Posta kodu) consist of five digits starting with the two digit license plate code of the provinces followed by three digits to specify the location within the districts of the province.

Who is the king of Tondo?

Lakan Bunaw Dula is the King of Tondo which kingdom extends to Ilocos Region in Luzon and Northern Samar in the Visayas. He has a recorded seven children.

Why is Tondo Manila poor?

The Tondo is the largest slum of the country’s capital. It has a high poverty incidence due to lack of regular and decent jobs while social services like health and education are inaccessible. Many of the residents depend on scavenging and working at the nearby seaport where they earn very meager income.

What is the ZIP code for Tondo north Salonga, Manila?

Zip Code for Tondo North Salonga, Manila – 1013. Continuous development of housing buildings continues up to the present day. 1012 TONDO SOUTH. 2: Paco. 1004. zip clipart. Quick Facts 24-02-1990 is his birth date. https://list.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_ZIP_codes_in_the_Philippines 2: Malate.

What is the ZIP code of Tondo, Philippines?

1002. 24-02-1990 is his birth date. Zip Code for Tondo North Santiago, Manila – 1013 Gagalangin, Tondo (N 14° 37′ 28.47″, E 120° 58′ 23.3544″) displayed on a map. Enter ZIP/Postal Code or City.

Where is the postal code for Manila Philippines?

Location ZIP Code Sta. Ana 1009 Sta. Cruz North 1014 Sta. Cruz South 1003 Sta. Mesa 1016