What is the plot of Manon?

What is the plot of Manon?

Manon is a tale of love, greed, and betrayal. Manon is a young girl who is being sent to a convent by her family. She runs into Des Grieux, who falls instantly in love with her, and the two decide to elope and run away to Paris.

Is Manon an opera?

Manon is Massenet’s most popular and enduring opera and, having “quickly conquered the world’s stages”, it has maintained an important place in the repertory since its creation. It is the quintessential example of the charm and vitality of the music and culture of the Parisian Belle Époque.

Who wrote Manon?

Henri Meilhac
Philippe Gille

Is Manon a French name?

Manon is a Welsh and French feminine given name. Its meaning in Welsh is: ‘beautiful queen’ and in French, it is a diminutive of the name Marie. Notable people with the name include: Manon (artist) (born 1946), Swiss artist.

Who was Manon Lescaut?

Antoine-François, Abbé Prévost d’Exiles, (born April 1, 1697, Hesdin, Fr. —died Nov. 25, 1763, Chantilly), prolific French novelist whose fame rests entirely on one work—Manon Lescaut (1731; in full Histoire du Chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut; “Story of the Chevalier of Grieux and of Manon Lescaut”).

How long is Manon Lescaut?

About 4 hours
About 4 hours | Including two intervals. Acts One and Two will last for about 1 hour 15 minutes, followed by a 25 minute interval.

When was Manon created?

The character of Manon Lescaut has kept on inspiring artists since her story was first written in 1731. And not just in opera and ballet: but also in film (from silent to post-war) and Japanese pop music!

Is the French name Manon male or female?

How does Manon Lescaut end?

Thinking he had killed the man and fearing retribution, the couple flee New Orleans and venture into the wilderness of Louisiana, hoping to reach an English settlement. Manon dies of exposure and exhaustion the following morning and, after burying his beloved, Des Grieux is eventually taken back to France by Tiberge.

Where does the name Manon come from?

When did the opera Manon by Massenet come out?

Premiere: Opéra Comique, Paris, 1884. A take on the quintessentially French tale of the beautiful young woman who is incapable of forsaking both love and luxury, Massenet’s Manon features one of the truly unforgettable, irresistible, and archetypal female characters in opera.

Who is the composer of the ballet Manon?

The music for Manon by Jules Massenet is taken from the operas Le Cid, Griselda, Therese, Cinderella, Cleopatre, Don Quixote, Eve, Thais, Bacchus, Ariane, and Le Roi de Lahore, the orchestral works Scenes Alsaciennes, Scenes Pittoresques, Scenes Dramatique, La Navarraise, Valse tres Lente, Chanson de Capri, and Aubade de Cherubin.

What kind of operas did Jules Massenet write?

Jules Massenet (1842–1912), a French composer wildly popular in his day, was noted for his operas, songs, and oratorios. While Manon has maintained a steady place in the repertory, in recent decades, several of his other operas, especially Werther (1892) and Thaïs (1894), have been performed more frequently.

When was Manon first performed at the San Francisco Opera?

The San Francisco Opera gave the opera many stagings beginning on 29 September 1924. In the 1980s a piano score was discovered where spoken dialogue was set as recitative by Massenet, possibly for the Italian premiere; this version was performed at the Opéra de Saint-Etienne as part of the 2009 Massenet Festival.