What is the password for Edimax br-6428ns V4?

What is the password for Edimax br-6428ns V4?

If you can not access edimax.setup, connect the BR-6428nS V4 to a computer using an Ethernet cable and try again. The default userae is admin\ ad the default password is 1234. Use the menu down the left side to navigate. For more information, refer to the user manual. 6 Troubleshooting 1.

How to install br-6428ns V4 Ethernet cable?

BR-6428nS V4 Power Adapter Ethernet Cable Quick Installation Guide CD-ROM 2 Installation 1. Plug the included power adapter into the devices 5V DC power port and the other end into an electrical socket. 2. Ensure that the power LED is lit. If not, the device is not properly connected.

Why is my br-6428ns in range extender mode?

My BR-6428nS V4 has a weak wireless signal in range extender mode. a. Weak signals are usually caused by interference from other devices or obstacles blocking the BR-6428nS V4s wireless signal: b. Keep the device away from other radio devices such as microwaves or wireless telephones.

How to set up Edimax on my computer?

Open a web browser and if you do not automatically arrive at the \^Get Started scree show below, eter the URL http://edimax.setupand click “Get Started” to begin the setup process. 3 If you cannot access http://edimax.setup, please make sure your computer is set to use a dynamic IP address.

Can a br-6428nc work as a router?

The BR-6428nC can work as router, access point or range extender. Just configure the mode you need for your network environment using the smart iQ Setup wizard and enjoy surfing the web. Features iQ Setup for smart, automatic and quick installation with no CD required.

How does the Edimax N300 multi function WiFi router work?

With WISP support, the BR-6428nC is able to share an Internet connection from a wireless ISP access point and convert it into a wired or wireless network for multiple users in your home or office. The BR-6428nC has a one-click Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button to help you set up and activate a secure wireless network in a snap.