What is the output of a decoder?

What is the output of a decoder?

One of these outputs will be active High based on the combination of inputs present, when the decoder is enabled. That means decoder detects a particular code. The outputs of the decoder are nothing but the min terms of ‘n’ input variables lines, when it is enabled.

How many outputs are there for a 4-bit binary decoder?

A 4-bit decoder has 4 input lines and 16 output lines. That is 16 decoding gates are required to decode all possible combinations of four bits. For any given code on its input, one of the sixteen output becomes HIGH. Binary codes corresponding outputs and decoding functions are described in the table.

How many outputs are there in 3 inputs in decoder?

eight outputs
This decoder circuit gives 8 logic outputs for 3 inputs and has a enable pin. The circuit is designed with AND and NAND logic gates. It takes 3 binary inputs and activates one of the eight outputs. 3 to 8 line decoder circuit is also called a binary to an octal decoder.

How many possible outputs would a decoder have with a 5 bit binary input?

Explanation: A binary decoder is a combinational logic circuit which decodes binary information from n-inputs to a maximum of 2n outputs. Here, number of outputs = 16.

What is the size of the decoder if it has 4 inputs?

So for example, a decoder with 3 binary inputs ( n = 3 ), would produce a 3-to-8 line decoder (TTL 74138) and 4 inputs ( n = 4 ) would produce a 4-to-16 line decoder (TTL 74154) and so on.

How many possible outputs would a decoder have with a 6 bit binary input?

How many possible outputs would a decoder have with a 6-bit binary input? Explanation: The possible outputs would be: 2n = 64 (Since n = 6 here).

How many possible outputs would a decoder have with the 6 bit binary input?

What is decoder and its application?

Basically, Decoder is a combinational logic circuit that converts coded input to coded outputs provided both of these are different from one another. A digital decoder converts a set of digital signals into corresponding decimal code. A decoder is also a most commonly used circuit in prior to the use of encoder.

How does the 74ls138 1 to 8 decoder work?

The 74LS138 decodes one of eight lines dependent on the conditions at the three binary select inputs and the three enable inputs. It is intended to function in high-performance memory-decoding or data-routing applications, requiring very short propagation delay times.

What are the enable pins on a 74ls138 IC?

The enable pins are two active low & one active high. The output of the decoder can drive 10 low-power Schottky TTL equal loads, and all the inputs are defended from harm because of static discharge with diodes toward VCC as well as the ground. This article discusses an overview of 74LS138 IC: 3 to 8 Line Decoder IC.

Which is the 3 to 8 line decoder IC?

74LS138 3-8 decoder APPLICATIONS. It is widely used in line decoders. Servers also come up with 74LS138. Some digital systems like microcontrollers still use 74LS138 for data decoding. Telecom and memory circuits also use decoder due to the limited number of the data line.

How to understand the truth table with IC 74ls138?

In this way, we can understand the entire truth table with toggling the three switches namely B1, B2 & B3, and the inputs are A0, A1 & A2. The applications of IC 74LS138 include the following.