What is the outgoing mail server for iiNet?

What is the outgoing mail server for iiNet?

IINET email settings

SMTP Server: smtp.iinet.com
SMTP Port: 465 or 587 (if you have trouble sending email, please use 587)
SSL Required: Yes

How do I set up iiNet email?

How to add an iiNet email address

  1. Log in to Toolbox and select My Products from the navigation bar.
  2. Select Email and then select Add/remove a mailbox from the Actions menu.
  3. You’ll see a list of your current mailboxes.
  4. This will bring up a form.
  5. Once you’re done, click Create Mailbox to finish.

How do I get iiNet email in Outlook?

Open Outlook and click File in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Select Info from the left-hand list and then click Add Account. In the pop-up window, enter your iiNet email address in the text box, then hit Connect. Enter your Password and select Connect.

What does outgoing mail server mean?

To put it simply, an outgoing mail server takes care of the delivery process of your emails, transferring them from your client or webmail to another computer – the inbound server – where the recipient can pick it up. It’s more or less like a digital mailman.

What is TPG outgoing mail server?

mail.tpg.com.au. 110 (POP3) 143 (IMAP) Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) mail.tpg.com.au. 25.

What is iiNet SMTP server?

Iinet.net.au provides IMAP access to your Iinet.net.au account, so you can connect to your email from mobile devices and desktop email clients….Setup Your Iinet.net.au Account with Your Email Program Using IMAP.

Iinet.net.au SMTP Server mail.iinet.net.au
SMTP port 587

What does an iiNet email address look like?

iiNet uses 8 email formats, with first last (ex. [email protected]) being used 32.9% of the time.

What is the server port for outgoing mail?

The default port of an outgoing mail server is 25: since it “speak” the SMTP protocol, it is also known as the more typical SMTP port.

How do I find out my SMTP outgoing mail server?

Click “Tools,” then “Accounts,” then “Mail” if you are using the popular Outlook Express program for your email. Select the “Default” account, and choose “Properties” from the menu. Choose the “Server” tab and choose “Outgoing Mail.” This is the name of your SMTP server.


General Settings

TPG Email Settings
Incoming Mail Server (POP3 or IMAP) mail.tpg.com.au
Email Address [email protected]
Email Username Your TPG Username
Email Password Your TPG Password