What is the original Ju-on?

What is the original Ju-on?

Ju-On (呪怨, Juon, lit. “Curse of Grudge”, also known as The Grudge) is a Japanese-American horror franchise created by Takashi Shimizu. The franchise began in 1998 with the release of the short films Katasumi and 4444444444….Films.

1998 Katasumi and 4444444444
2009 Ju-On: Black Ghost/Ju-On: White Ghost

Where was Ju-On: The Grudge filmed?

Ju-On: The Grudge was filmed entirely in Tokyo. Some critics have identified loose connections between the story in the film and the traditional Japanese folktale Yotsuya Kaidan.

Is Ju-on or the grudge scarier?

Overall, if you were ever thinking of seeing a scary movie for Halloween. I would recommend watching “Ju-On: The Grudge” since it is scarier than the remake. The only warning I have is the that original is in Japanese, so I would watch the film with English annotations.

Is Ju-on different from the grudge?

JU-ON: THE GRUDGE and THE GRUDGE are nearly the same movie, just presented in different languages, and each has some merit over the other. JU-ON is darker and features more curse victims, THE GRUDGE moves along at a better pace and is packed with actors I’m a fan of.

How scary is ju-on?

“Ju-on: The Grudge” is a very scary horror movie, based on a Japanese legend. In the beginning of the film, there is an explanation in this regard. When a person is killed in a violent way, his or her death generates a curse that will stay in the place where the crime took place.

What happens at the end of Ju-on?

In the final episode, Yasuo, Haruka, and Tetsuya’s mother visit the current family residing in the haunted house in 1997, which consists of a man and his pregnant wife. It is here that Yasuo finally remembers all the details of his own time in the house.

Is Saeki house real?

Even though the house was not real, the cast and crew were required to step inside in bare feet while shooting The Grudge, respectfully. A replica of the Grudge house was featured in the Grudge-themed Haunt Maze at Knotts Berry Farm.

Why does the grudge make that noise?

Ju-on films When Takeo cut Kayako’s throat with a stylet, her death rattle immediatelly emitted, causing her rancorous ghost to emit the eerie sound thereafter. After Haru was strangled to death by her grandson, this caused her ghost to make the exact same rattling noise.

Is the original grudge scary?

This film is an old-fashioned horror effort that mixes the plots of JU-ON and JU-ON: THE GRUDGE to a sometimes confusing effect. I liked the fact that the focus was on the scares throughout – no padding or time-wasting here, just straight into the fear factor.

Why was Yasuo spared?

Yasuo believes that he’s spared because he’s a supernatural conduit and that the Woman in White knows that he’ll go on to tell her story and help spread the word when so many others have intentionally buried it.

Was the grudge filmed in Japan?

The Grudge is a 2004 supernatural horror film directed by Takashi Shimizu, written by Stephen Susco, and produced by Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert, and Takashige Ichise. Principal photography on the film began on January 26, 2004 and wrapped in July 2004 in Tokyo, Japan.

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