What is the meaning of Hallowell?

What is the meaning of Hallowell?

♂ Hallowell as a name for boys has its root in Old English, and the meaning of Hallowell is “holy well”. Hallowell is an alternate form of Halliwell (Old English): place name.

What is the meaning of the name Zaytoun?

Zaytoun Surname User-submission: This surname means ‘olives’ or ‘olive trees’.

What does the name Applebaum mean?

Applebaum Surname Definition: (German) Dweller near an apple tree.

What does the name Mummert mean?

Mummert Name Meaning German: from a byname from Middle High German muntbor ‘protector’, ‘guardian’.

Where does the name Hallowell come from?

The ancestors of the name Hallowell date back to the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. The name is derived from when the Hallowell family lived near a holy spring having derived from the Old English terms halli, which meant holy, and welle, which meant spring.

What nationality is Zaytoun?

Zaytoun is a UK based Community Interest Company that sources products exclusively from Palestine. Who owns Zaytoun?

Where does the name Applebaum come from?

Applebaum Name Meaning Part Americanized form of German and Jewish Appelbaum or Apfelbaum.

Is Zaytoun fair trade?

Zaytoun, a Fairtrade brand which sells fine food products from Palestine, works with farmers adopting new practices in the face of changing weather.

Are Yaffa dates Israeli?

Are your dates really from Palestine? Yes, 100%. Our dates are grown in Palestinian owned and run farms in the Jericho area. All products we import area guaranteed and certified of Palestinian origin.

What is Zaytoun food?

Browse Traidcraft’s online store and explore Zaytoun’s delicious artisanal range of fair trade foods, which are the perfect cooking ingredients. From the home of the olive tree, Zaytoun found its feet in 2004 as a community interest company, providing support to reams of olive growers in Palestine.

Who owns Omavi dates?

Omar Elhalfy –
Omar Elhalfy – CEO of Omavi Dates said: They are nature’s own daily supplement, all-natural, grown organically in the sun, packed full of antioxidants and nutrients – and they taste delicious too!

Are Medjool dates grown in Israel?

A large number of date varieties are sold all over the world, but Israel now is the major exporter of one of the large, soft and relatively expensive medjool, considered the king of dates all over the world. The date is grown in the Jordan Valley both in Israel and the West Bank and in the Arava desert.