What is the main street in Cairns?

What is the main street in Cairns?

Shields street
The main street or high street is Shields street which runs from the Cairns Esplanade thru to Cairns Central Shopping Centre. Our Cairns City Map shows you the Cairns Esplanade Saltwater Lagoon, a very popular spot for tourist and travellers alike to relax and soak up the Tropical North Queensland Sun.

Does Cairns have a shopping Centre?

Cairns Central Shopping Center in the Far North of Queensland, Australia is the largest shopping centre in Cairns. The centre was opened in 1997 and is the second multi-story shopping centre in northern Queensland. The shopping centre is constructed over the Cairns Railway Station, which is part of the centre.

What is Cairns city known for?

Cairns is undoubtedly the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest reef system comprised of over 2,900 individual reefs. Each year, people flock to the reef from around the world to swim, snorkel, and dive with the more than 1,500 marine species that call the reef home.

Does Cairns have a CBD?

The city centre of Cairns is very much defined by views of the Coral Sea and the Esplanade Foreshore. The business and shipping centres are spread all along the coastline with most of the main buildings no more than a two or three block walk to the water.

Is Cairns safe at night?

Cairns is a relatively safe city, but late-night muggings and assaults do happen. It’s better to call a cab for a short distance than walk the streets alone. Also avoid city parks after dark.

Is it worth going to Cairns?

Cairns is nice to visit all year round and each season brings its perks. The temperatures are nice during winter (June to August) – a lot warmer than in the rest of Australia – and the weather is more predictable. Some would argue that Cairns is worth visiting only during that season.

Does Cairns have good shopping?

The best shops and markets in Cairns. Despite being known by many as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is also a retail mecca, boasting a thriving shopping scene just waiting to be discovered.

Is Aldi coming to Cairns?

An Aldi Australia spokeswoman said the company was not associated with any of the job advertisements. “We will always consider the feasibility of new locations however at this stage, ALDI has no plans to open stores in North Queensland,” she said.

Is Cairns expensive to visit?

The good news for budget travelers is that Cairns tends to be at least a bit less expensive than the large cities in Australia when it comes to hotels and even food prices at casual places. Backpacker types can at least find some bargains in Cairns, so lingering here should be cheaper than most other parts of Oz.

What is there to do in Cairns at night?

Here’s a few of the best things to do at night in Cairns.

  1. Dining for the soul at Flames of the Forest.
  2. Meet marine life by twilight at Cairns Aquarium.
  3. Kick up your heels in the city.
  4. Take a Hummer on a night tour.
  5. Explore the Great Barrier Reef on a night dive.
  6. Stroll and shop at Cairns Night Market.

How much does it cost to go to the Cairns aquarium?

Cairns Aquarium. Rates

Cairns Aquarium Admission Adult Children
General Admission $44 $29
Admission & Lunch Adult Children
General Admission with Lunch Combo $74 $49