What is the ingredients of chandraprabha Vati?

What is the ingredients of chandraprabha Vati?

The ingredients like Acorus calamus [6], [7], Cyperus rotundus [8], Phyllanthus niruri [9], Tinospora cordiofolia [10], Curcuma longa [11], Berberis aristata [12], Piper longum [13,21], Coriandrum sativum [14], Terminalia chebula [15], Terminalia belerica [16], Embelica officinalis [17], Embelia ribes [18], Zingiber …

Is chandraprabha Vati good for PCOS?

Kapha reducing, insulin enhancing and hormone rebalancing drugs help to the relieve symptoms of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Triphala Kwatha, Chandraprabha Vati and Manibhadra Choorna help to clear obstruction and normalize the srotas. Especially Triphala and Guggulu are very useful for reducing excess weight2.

Is there any side effects of chandraprabha Vati?

Results & Conclusion: There were no serious adverse reactions or toxicity symptoms with Chandraprabha Vati administered orally at doses of 500-1000 mg/ day given over 1 – 4 months. Conclusion: Chandraprabha Vati, an Ayurvedic metallo-herbo- mineral formulation is safe when administered in prescribed doses.

Can I take Chandraprabha Vati daily?

1. Take 1 tablet of Chandraprabha Vati twice daily with water.

Does Chandraprabha Vati increase BP?

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Chandraprabha vati play a key role in reducing inflammation and pain in joints, lower back, knee osteoarthritis and spinal arthritis. Normalises Blood pressure: Having potent anti-hypertensive effect, this vati makes a holistic remedy in case of high blood pressure.

Does chandraprabha Vati increase BP?

When should I take chandraprabha Vati?

Take 1 tablet of Chandraprabha Vati twice daily with water.

Is Chandraprabha Vati good for high BP?

Can we take Chandraprabha Vati daily?

Take 1 tablet of Chandraprabha Vati twice daily with water. 2. Repeat it daily until the symptoms get reduced.

Can Mahasudarshan kadha be taken daily?

2-4 Spoon (10 -20ml) 2-3 times a day, after meal.

Is Chandraprabha Vati a diuretic?

Chandraprabha vati (CV) is a herbo-mineral formulation consisting of 37 ingredients (28 herbs, 3 mineral salts, 2 alkali, 2 metal ashes, sucrose and Aspelt mineral pitch) which is used as a diuretic in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.