What is the difference between using a search folder and using the search field in Outlook?

What is the difference between using a search folder and using the search field in Outlook?

The search folder will search emails in the entire mailbox. And if we select “Search entire mailbox” in the search box, I think we will get the same results. Do we have any updates? Using the search on the entire mailbox or search the folder bring up the same results.

How do I make Outlook search faster?

Outlook is limited to 250 search results by default. To increase the number of visible search results, choose File, Options, Search in Outlook. Clear the “Improve search speed by limiting the number of results shown” box and restart Outlook.

Can I delete Outlook Search folders?

Delete a Search Folder If you no longer need a Search Folder, you can delete it. A Search Folder is a virtual folder. If you want to delete all messages within a Search Folder, open the Search Folder, select all of the messages, then click Delete on your keyboard.

How do I reinstate the search bar in Outlook?

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  1. For a start, go to “File” menu and select “Options”.
  2. Then locate and click on “Customize Ribbon”.
  3. You will see a vast variety of commands, tabs and ribbons listed in dialog boxes.
  4. Next locate and pitch on “Search” in the left side.
  5. Finally click “OK’ to save the customization.

How do I find hidden folders in Outlook?

Click on the “View” tab and click the check box next to “Hidden Items” above the words “Show/hide,” to see any hidden folders and files within the Outlook folder.

How do I search all folders in Outlook 2020?

Open Outlook and then click on Tools and then navigate to Options. Within Options, click on the Search Options button, which is found under the Preferences tab. In the Search Options, go down to where it says Instant Search Pane, and select the option underneath that says All Folders, and then click OK.

Can Outlook no longer search?

If Outlook is not searching all of your email correctly, you can rebuild the Outlook search index to fix this:

  • Click on File then Options.
  • Select Search on the left then click Indexing Options.
  • Click Advanced.
  • Click the Rebuild button.

What is the best way to search in Outlook?

You can type a number of phrases in the Search box at the top of the Outlook message list. In addition to searching for different words and phrases, you can use various operators, punctuation and keywords to narrow your search results. The most basic way to search is to simply type in a word or phrase.

What happens if you choose to delete a search folder?

When you delete a search folder, by right-clicking the folder and clicking Delete Folder, the folder and search results go away, but the email messages themselves are still in their original locations. So, you can think of search folders as virtual folders, or pointers or links or windows to the actual content.

Why is my Outlook search bar at the top?

Search bar after Outlook update You can get the search box back if installing an older version of Microsoft Office 365. After that, you need to disable automatic updates. Microsoft pushed an update to the Office 365 suite, and the Outlook search box is moved to the top.

Why can’t I see all my folders in Outlook?

The Folder Pane displays all folders in Outlook. If the Folder Pane is minimized, you won’t be able to see your folders. Expand the Folder Pane by clicking the > on the left side of the screen. Click View > Folder Pane > Normal.