What is the difference between Seiko SKX007 and SKX009?

What is the difference between Seiko SKX007 and SKX009?

The Main Difference Between The SKX007 and SKX009 The SKX007 has a black dial with a black bezel, while the SKX009 has a dark blue dial and a blue/red (so called Pepsi) bezel. It has large and easy to read numbers around the dial, every ten minutes.

Is Seiko SARB017 discontinued?

The Seiko SARB017 Alpinist is the next discontinued Seiko that we’ll discuss.

Is SKX007 discontinued?

However, to the best of our knowledge, Seiko has discontinued the SKX007. Typical of the Japanese brand, they did so sometime recently without any announcement, and because new units are still available it was easy to miss the demise of this now-classic diver.

Is Seiko SKX009 ISO certified diver?

Seiko SKX009 – The divers watch well known for its Pepsi look. The Seiko SXK009 is ISO 6425 certified making it great for recreational Scuba diving and other water activities. The SKX009 is a very distinctive looking men’s divers watch at an affordable price.

Which is the best SKX?

The most popular is the SKX007, a 43mm, black dial, black bezel version, often credited as an iconic Submariner homage. This version is so popular, it’s been remixed a handful of times to accommodate the different tastes of collectors.

Can you swim with a Seiko Alpinist?

Seiko can be trusted to make a serious tool watch, and the Alpinist is no exception. At its core, however, the Alpinist is an outdoor watch, sufficient for swimming (even diving) with a water resistance rating of 200m; or camping/hiking/mountain climbing with its compass bezel.

Why is Seiko Alpinist?

The original Alpinist was designed to meet the needs of mountain climbers, hence the name. The model evolved over the years, eventually turning into the inner-bezel model that achieved Seiko cult status. Seiko still makes a version of that watch today.

Why was Seiko SKX discontinued?

Probably because of these reasons, and because the SKX wasn’t ISO 6425-certified (I guess), Seiko meant to stop production and focus on diver’s watches with higher overall standards.

Why is the SKX007 so popular?

Practical, value oriented, reliable, durable, accurate, iconic, classic, easy to read complete with day and date and it’s a certified diver. Seiko has great heritage. And yes it also looks good in a variety of straps and bracelets making it very versatile. So many options for mods to those into that hobby.

How can you tell a fake Seiko SKX007?

The genuine SKX007 has a recessed lume pip — it should NOT stick out from the bezel insert at all. See below for how your lume pip should look on a genuine SKX. If you are looking at a 009, which has a bicolor bezel, the red and blue sections should split the “20” on the bezel in half.

Is the Seiko Alpinist tough?

Seiko can be trusted to make a serious tool watch, and the Alpinist is no exception. Equipped with a new automatic movement and premium updates, the latest generation of this classic outdoor watch offers charm, value and a hell of a tough product that the modern outdoorsman can take anywhere.

What’s the difference between a Seiko SKX and skx009?

The only difference between the two are color. The SKX007 has a black bezel insert with a dark charcoal dial and the SKX009 has a red and navy bezel insert with a navy blue dial. There also exists a very similar, but smaller models, the SKX013 for those with smaller wrists. More about that later.

Which is better the Seiko alpinist or the SARB017?

The good news is that due to the wide popularity of the SARB017, Seiko decided to revive the model by installing new technology. Although the newer versions of the Seiko Alpinist are a far cry from the first-generation’s minimalistic design, the components inside the newer models are way better than the old ones using obsolete technology.

Is the Seiko skx007 water resistant to water?

Most Seiko watches are usually resistant to water to allow the user to swim and have some fun in water. The skx007 allows the user to dive in water. It is also water-resistant up to a depth of 200 meters in water. If you love water-related sports and marine activities, then this is the watch for you.

Which is better the Orient ray or the SKX?

As you can see above, the SKX’s case is 1mm bigger than the Ray II, but the lug-to-lug length is 1mm shorter. This means that the SKX will take a bit more space on your wrist, but the shorter lug length will look good on smaller wrists. Conversely, the Ray II’s case will be a bit less imposing on the wrist, but the lugs protrude slightly more.