What is the difference between pidgin and English?

What is the difference between pidgin and English?

English is the official language and serves prestigious functions as the language of the government, education, media etc in Nigeria. Nigerian Pidgin, on the other hand, is a contact Language that originated in Nigeria as a result of European contact with local languages, mostly through trade transactions.

What is the difference between pidgins and creoles?

What is the difference between pidgin and creole? In a nutshell, pidgins are learned as a second language in order to facilitate communication, while creoles are spoken as first languages. Creoles have more extensive vocabularies than pidgin languages and more complex grammatical structures.

Is pidgin English derogatory?

Pidgin was subsequently indigenized in several languages, as with pisin in Tok Pisin. However, European businessmen actually used other, and often derogatory, lay terms for such varieties, including jargon, baragouin, and patois, because the new varieties were not intelligible to native speakers of their lexifiers.

Why is Hawaiian slang called pidgin?

To summarize, Hawaiian Pidgin came about when non-Hawaiian immigrants came to the islands to work the sugar cane plantations, and native Hawaiians needed a way to communicate both with English-speaking residents and the immigrant laborers. The local patois borrows entire words from other languages.

What is Pidgin example?

Pidgins generally consist of small vocabularies (Chinese Pidgin English has only 700 words), but some have grown to become a group’s native language. Examples include Sea Island Creole (spoken in South Carolina’s Sea Islands), Haitian Creole, and Louisiana Creole.

What are the examples of pidgin English?

English pidgins include Nigerian Pidgin English, Chinese Pidgin English, Hawaiian Pidgin English, Queensland Kanaka English, and Bislama (one of the official languages of the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu).

What is pidgin example?

How do you say hello in Pidgin?

Usually pronounced “har fa”. “How far?” is the most common way to say “hello” in Nigerian pidgin…. When you are not sure how to greet somebody, it is always appropriate to say “Kóyo ”.

How do you say poop in Hawaiian?

n. Excreta, dung, feces. See below for many compounds formed with kukae; lepo, dirt, is sometimes a euphemism. Kūkae lio, horse manure; fig., common.

What does ooo mean in Nigerian?

Like I said, wat da hell! If you paid attention, you’d notice that like most Nigerian exclamatory words, ‘O’ connotes more than one idea/reaction. It can be the answer to a call. It can be used in agreement. It can also be used to reiterate a point.

What’s the meaning of the term’pidgin English’?

Pidgin English is like someone took English, chopped it up, removed all grammar rules and then threw out any unnecessary words. Awhile back, I came across this really odd form of the English language called Pidgin English.

How are pidgin languages different from other languages?

Pidgins are languages that grow out of necessity when groups of people that don’t share a common language must interact with each other. Pidgins are a mixture of words from different languages, and feature a simpler grammatical structure and smaller vocabulary.

Which is the best way to speak Pidgin English?

Pidgin English remains the “great” equalizer — a way of communicating on a base level that cuts through bullshit. With more than 250 ethnic groups speaking over 500 languages and dialects, English is the country’s official business language.

How to pronounce Pidgin English phrases in Nigeria?

Here are 26 Nigerian Pidgin English phrases you need to know. (Listen to how pronounce the first 26 Pidgin English phrases listed below here and don’t forget to add “o” at the end of sentences in Pidgin for extra emphasis, like “Thank you o!”) 1. How bodi?