What is the difference between Deakin College and Deakin University?

What is the difference between Deakin College and Deakin University?

What is Deakin College? Deakin College is a pathway program for prospective Deakin University students. Classes are held on three Deakin campuses: Melbourne Burwood, Geelong Waterfront and Geelong Waurn Ponds.

What unis are in Geelong?

Local University & Tertiary Education in Geelong VIC

  • Deakin University. University & Tertiary Education, Geelong, VIC 3220.
  • Geelong Waterfront Campus. University & Tertiary Education, Geelong, VIC 3220.
  • Northern Bay College.
  • Institute Of Koorie Education.
  • Marcus Oldham College.
  • Deakin University.

What does Deakin Uni Specialise in?

The University is divided into four faculties, covering arts and education, business and law, health, and science, engineering and built environment. Within the Faculty of Arts and Education the three schools cover education, social sciences, humanities, communication and the creative arts.

Where is Deakin college?

Deakin College has four campus locations. In Australia we are located on three Deakin University campuses in the state of Victoria. One is in metropolitan Melbourne and the other two are in Geelong. For international students, there is a fourth option in central Jakarta.

How do I get admission to Deakin University?

You must have either one of the following:

  1. an approved three-year undergraduate degree or equivalent from an approved university or other educational institution.
  2. equivalent qualifications through examination or relevant professional or industrial experience.

Why do students choose Deakin?

Deakin is home to world-class facilities, a network of academic supervisors who are leaders in their fields, and a number of globally-significant research projects.

How many campuses does Deakin University have?

five campuses
We’ve got heaps of student services at our five campuses: Burwood, Waterfront, Waurn Ponds, Warrnambool and even Cloud Campus. Facilities like accommodation, medical centres, security and parking can be found at all of our 4 physical campuses.

What is the postcode for Geelong?

Geelong/Postal codes

Does Deakin teach Japanese?

Based at Musashi University in Tokyo, via a program of guest lectures, seminars, workshops and field trips students will both gain insights into Japan’s distinctive culture and be encouraged to utilise these insights to reflect upon their own culturally-embedded understandings and consider how they can enhance their …

Why do you want to study in Deakin University?

At Deakin, we’re continuously advancing education through progressive teaching, innovative research and global engagement. We have a student-focused culture with a reputation for being accessible and supportive. This ensures our students are prepared for jobs of the future. …

Does Deakin have GPA?

While some institutions use a Grade Point Average (GPA) to provide an overall view of student’s academic performance, Deakin uses a Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

Does Deakin University have application fee?

a non-refundable application fee of A$55 might be charged, depending on the course of your choice. You can pay the non-refundable application fee with a bank draft made payable to Deakin University or by completing the ‘Payment of application fee by credit card’ section of your application form.