What is the difference between 90915 YZZF2 and 90915 YZZN1?

What is the difference between 90915 YZZF2 and 90915 YZZN1?

Answer: Toyota recently superceded part number 90915-YZZF2 to part number 90915-YZZN1. The F2 is no longer available and the N1 is the current product. Same part just a new/different part number.

Are all Toyota oil filters the same?

Genuine Toyota Oil Filters Remember, not all oil filters meet Toyota’s stringent specifications. A non-Toyota filter element may not work as effectively and could even clog, causing costly engine damage. To protect your engine (and your pocketbook), always specify a Genuine Toyota oil filter.

Who makes OEM Toyota oil filters?

In short, The company that manufactures OEM oil filters for Toyota is a Japanese company called Denso (also known as Nippon Denso).

How long will Toyota oil filter last?

If you’re running synthetic, you can probably go between 7,500 and all the way up to 15,000 miles in some cases. You cannot go 50,000 miles.

Who makes Toyota oils?

Made by Exxon-Mobil according to Toyota specifications. Some may argue if it’s made by Exxon-Mobil then it’s similar to Mobil 1 0w20 why bother paying more for this oil if you can buy Mobil 1 at a lesser price.

Does Denso make Toyota oil filter?

Changing the oil is the important thing, I change Mobil I fall and spring and don’t care what the filtering efficiency for this filter is. Denso makes Toyota filters, and if it’s good enough for the OEM, it’s good enough for me.

Are aftermarket oil filters bad?

If you use an aftermarket oil filter with cheap pleated material, you’re gonna have a bad time. It will be only a matter of time before the cheap filter clogs up and starts sending dirty oil back to the engine. This will increase engine wear and maintenance costs. The pleated filter quality is important.

Are Toyota oil filters good for 10000 miles?

Only Toyota vehicles in which 0w-20 synthetic oil is required (except 3UR-FBE Engines*) have been approved for extended oil change intervals of 10,000-miles/12-months. That will help your engine get the full benefit of synthetic oil.)