What is the Coffs Coast called?

What is the Coffs Coast called?

the Bananacoast
The Gumbaynggirr are the original people of the Coffs Harbour region. Coffs Harbour’s economy was once based on Timber and agriculture. Today the small tourist city and wider region is known as the Bananacoast.

Is Coffs Harbour subtropical?

Coffs Harbour has been assessed by Australia’s peak scientific body, the CSIRO, as the most liveable climate in Australia. It offers a sub-tropical year round climate with temperatures ranging from 13 -25°C. The warmest month of the year is January, with an average temperature of 23.4 °C.

Why is Coffs Harbour important?

Major holiday and service centre famous for the ‘Big Banana’. Coffs Harbour is a major coastal resort town noted for its banana plantations, its resorts, its mild climate and its fishing. Tourism, bananas, fishing, timber and engineering now constitute the mainstays of the local economy.

What’s Coffs Harbour like to live in?

Coffs Harbour has something for everyone making it a great family destination. The stunning beaches along the Coast each offer something different making it easy to enjoy every water sport imaginable. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing, surfing or general picnicking and relaxing with the family.

What’s at the Big Banana?

The Big Banana Fun Park also features the biggest indoor Giant Slide in the country, the biggest Water Park between Sydney and The Gold Coast, with four huge thrill slides, two inflatable slides and a kids Aqua Play area, their famous Toboggan Ride overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, a 36 hole Mini-Golf course, a …

Is Port Macquarie worth visiting?

Today, this town is a place worth visiting! It’s a place for the young (and young at heart) and free. There are so many sights and things to do in Port Macquarie that make it the perfect stop for those traveling solo, exploring with a loved one, or those traversing with families.

Is Port Macquarie a safe place to live?

The general feel of Port Macquarie is relaxed, laidback and safe, with a palpable community spirit. It’s long been a favourite of retirees and now attracts families to its welcoming shores.

Is Coffs Harbour a temperate climate?

The climate is warm and temperate in Coffs Harbour. The average annual temperature in Coffs Harbour is 18.8 °C | 65.8 °F. The annual rainfall is 1260 mm | 49.6 inch.

Will Coffs Harbour be bypassed?

The project will deliver four lanes of divided highway to a motorway standard and will bypass the Coffs Harbour Central Business District. When completed the bypass will form part of the Pacific Highway and the national land transport network.

Is Coffs Harbour bigger than Port Macquarie?

Coffs Harbour is the fifth largest city in New South Wales. Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales is one of Australia’s largest cities outside of the state capitals. Just north of Macksville, it is a genuine regional hub, a 533km drive north of Sydney and 153km north of Port Macquarie.

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