What is special about Lulworth Cove?

What is special about Lulworth Cove?

Lulworth Cove is world famous for its unique geology and landforms including the Lulworth Crumple and Stair Hole. Open every day, we welcome thousands of people each year who come to enjoy the panoramic views and crystal clear waters on this stretch of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Is Lulworth Cove a beach?

Lulworth Cove is a very sheltered pebble beach in a remarkable, horseshoe shaped cove, formed ten thousand years ago by erosion from the sea. There is ample parking, a cafe, toilets and boat trips in summer to Durdle Door and Mupe Bay.

Is Lulworth Cove privately owned?

The coast and land to the north and around the village is privately owned and managed by the Lulworth Estate.

Is it safe to swim in Lulworth Cove?

You can swim through the arch hole inside and reach the rocky beach. Quite often this area gets windy, so watch out for waves and currents that you don´t get pushed into the rocks.

Is it safe to swim at Lulworth Cove?

A mix of sand and shingle, this is one of the hidden treasures at Lulworth. Aquamarine water with safe seas for gentle swimming and paddling. Located to the east of Durdle Door. The final descent to the bay is steep and is not suitable for those with disabilities.

Can you swim from Durdle Door to Lulworth?

From Lulworth Cove and Stair hole, you can swim or walk west to the Durdle Door and Man O’War beach. The distance is about 1.5 miles and it takes about 30-40 mins by walk. If you swim, depending on how good you are, it can take up to one hour.

Is Lulworth Cove safe to swim?

Are there toilets at Lulworth Cove?

Durdle Door & Lulworth Cove Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove car parks and public toilets are open. There is take away food available from a few outlets, as well as a small general store. most iconic and well known of the Jurassic Coast’s many breath-taking landmarks.