What is smart metrics in MicroStrategy?

What is smart metrics in MicroStrategy?

Smart metrics are also referred to as smart subtotals. A compound metric, at a high level, can be composed of multiple objects joined by arithmetic operators, such as Metric1/Metric2 or (Fact1 + Fact2)/Fact3.

How do you view metrics in MicroStrategy?

In the MicroStrategy Developer File menu, point to New and then select Metric. The New Metric dialog box is displayed. Choose a Metric template and click OK to proceed. The Metric Editor displays.

What is metric level?

About Level Metrics Level metrics are metrics that are evaluated at a set level of data, regardless of what is contained on the dossier they are placed in. For example, you can choose to group and calculate metric data based on the attribute selected as the target.

What is an example of a metric?

Length: Millimeter (mm), Decimeter (dm), Centimeter (cm), Meter (m), and Kilometer (km) are used to measure how long or wide or tall an object is. Examples include measuring the thickness or length of debit card, length of cloth, or distance between two cities.

What is metric education?

Matriculation is the process of getting admission to a new class, school or college after qualifying a written exam. In India, this term refers to the year of 10th class. This certificate states that the student has passed 10th class or matric, and is eligible for admission to the next standard.

What is VLDB properties in MicroStrategy?

VLDB properties allow you to customize the SQL that MicroStrategy generates, and determine how data is processed by the Analytical Engine. You can configure properties such as SQL join types, SQL inserts, table creation, Cartesian join evaluation, check for null values, and so on.

What are the different types of metric?

Key financial statement metrics include sales, earnings before interest and tax (EBIT), net income, earnings per share, margins, efficiency ratios, liquidity ratios, leverage ratios, and rates of return. Each of these metrics provides a different insight into the operational efficiency of a company.

What is the difference between private and public uses for software metrics?

Private Metrics are private to the individual and serve as an indicator only for the specified individual(s). Defect rates by a software module and defect errors by an individual are examples of private process metrics. Public metrics include information that was private to both individuals and teams.

What is metric qualification?

A metric qualification is a filtering condition based on the value of a metric. It contains an output level, which determines the level at which the metric is calculated and to which attributes the metric applies. If the output level differs from the report level, the metrics are calculated at the output level.